Which "APOSTATE" Site Helped You Out ...

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  • minimus

    H2O and Watchtower Observer were the ones that helped me the most. Of course, JWD is the best discussion forum on the net.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    H2O and jw.com, and Ray Franz's COC book helped me the most.


  • Undecided

    Same as Beck.

    Ken P.

  • patio34

    THIS one!!


  • hybridous

    When I first started looking.....Freeminds and the old H2O saved my life. Literally. Thanks, guys.

    Now, I lurk here most often, but I try to 'make the rounds' , so-to-speak, when I have the time.

  • JT

    h20 and randy

  • kenpodragon

    I stumbled onto beyondjw.com on accident years after I left. I post there still now and then, but mainly here. I think they are more enjoyable to life, then helpful. Although, they are helpful at times too.

    My thought


  • jurs



  • blondie

    Actually, the "apostate" site that helped me out was the WTS publications. The more closely I studied and researched and got some of the older publications for my library, I realized what great big fibs the WTS told and was still telling.

    The other "apostate" site that helped me out was the local congregation. I heard the right words spoken from the platform and then saw that few really lived it. I could not believe that God above saw this and approved of it.

    I checked out Barbara Harrison Grizutti's book from the local library and realized that I wasn't alone in seeing the hypocrisy.

  • Ravyn

    the first thing that helped me was The Kingdom Interlinear Greek Translation. Reading Revelation in the greek and then going right across the page to the english made me realize that they translated it to fit their doctrine and thought we were too stupid to figure it out.

    Then one day I did a seach on the internet. I figured there was one official JW site, and I expected to come up with a few apostate sites. I did not expect to hit 90,000+ sites(with only one that was acceptable to them....)

    Throw in 30 years of waiting for jehovah to fix the corruption I saw 'in his own due time' and the fact that I was asked to lie in court about a scandal that involved a wrongful death, two suicides and my friend's murder and I sort of had a crisis.

    H2O, Watchers, and anti-cult sites helped me to get the courage to leave. But it took a year to plan my escape and in the meantime AOL's EXJW chat room was my lifeline.

    Ray's books cemented it all. A summer at Harvard Divinity in seminars with library access and a year with the UUs and it was a never-going-back thing. I knew way too much to ever go back.


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