Have you read my experience in the Awake?Read this

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  • ELON14

    Hi Hippkon,

    Thats okay I understand.The district overseer was up to recently Sandy Pennel . Now as far as I know Mike Kramer is the one.(sorry if I don't spell their names correctly)


  • Amazing

    Hi Elon: I left the organization in 1992, I definitely missed your experience. I will look it up on the CD. Thanks for sharing your experience, and welcome aboard ... I don' know how long you have been out of the JWs, but if recent then you will find the world of ex-JWs to be tense, dynamic, and at times frustrating ... but it is a world you can shape, or take it or leave it ... unlike the JW world that is so highly controlled, and we must comply or else ... I and am sure everyone else, are looking forward to reading more of your postings and experiences ... such as how you ended up leaving the JWs.

  • benext

    ELON14, first my sympathies to you and your family. I too remembered your account. Have you considered writing the WT to ask for a retraction or maybe they would like to give an update? I wonder what their response would be. Maybe in future CD ROM's they will delete the article. I remember being surprised when told that the pictures usually located on the back of the magazines with an experience are staged and not the real persons. Dishonesty is a hallmark of the WT. Take care.

  • blondie

    Retract, benext?! I would think after reading the posts on JWD for even a little while a person learns that the WTS never admits making any mistakes so why would they retract anything? Makes you wonder about some of those other experiences they give.

  • benext

    Blondie, the retraction statement was not made in all seriousness. It would be interesting to see if such a letter would receive any response. I was told by my former PO the Society doesn't say they made a "mistake" they say "adjustment" which is a much stronger term. (His words, not mine).

  • RunningMan

    Welcome, Elon. I never did read the mags when I was in, so I missed your story. But, it is nice to hear "the rest of the story". There are probably many people like you, who have been used as examples, and are now gone.

    By the way, I checked Jeremiah 29:10 at Bible Crosswalk, and found that about three quarters of Bible translations agree with you. A few of them, such as the King James and Douay versions, agree with the NWT.

    So, although the society is likely wrong, I'm not sure if it was intentional, or if it was just that they copied from an incorrect translation. Don't forget that none of the translating committee actually knew Hebrew. I suspect they surveyed the available translations and picked the one that was most favorable to their viewpoint.

  • mouthy

    Welcome Elon. Thank you for your retraction. Now we can see the bibles recomendation that "their word will spread like gangrene" Yes me like you, also carried that garbage to England from Canada

    How true the scriptures were when it gave the warning "MAKE SURE OF ALL THINGS"

    We have now eh ?Elon. Thanks again & welcome to freedom .........

  • Mulan

    Welcome Elon. I also remember your experience in the Awake.

    I was so shocked by what happened to your son. I remember the news very well. I can't even begin to feel the grief you and your wife must have. I am so sorry!

    (edited because I found the story about Elon's son)

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  • GermanXJW

    Thankyou for your reply. To me the teaching about the years 607 B.C. and 1914 C.E. are also absurd. I have also been convinced by the facts given in C.O. Jonsson's book. But I am not too sure that Jeremiah 29:10 is a NWT mistranslation.

    When it comes to Greek/Hebrew I often use http://www.blueletterbible.org where you can check several translations, commentaries and the Hebrew and Greek language. This Tool also translates "at" at Jeremiah 29:10.

    So, to me it does not seem to be a mistranslation - or at least the NWT is not the only translation doing this.

    Of course, you are a native speaker of modern Hebrew and can give further insight.

    BTW, are you currently living in Israel? I do remember that your story in Awake! impressed me.

  • jack2

    Very interesting post Elon, and like beck_melbourne, I am also curious as to whether the lanuage in your original story was altered, etc, to fit the WTS's liking.

    Also, like Mulan, I do not recall seeing anything about your son.

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