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  • Searchin50

    Greetings Everyone

    My sister called this morning at the crack of dawn, to inform me of some info.

    from the circuit assembly over this past weekend.I suppose this is new light

    although she did not put it in those words.Seems there is a new DO in our

    neck of the woods, he gave the Public Talk sunday and i quote"

    The governmemt is going to turn on religion any MINUTE there will be no

    warning, it will be just like 9-11 there was no warning there when they took

    down the world trade center. The government will start burning churches,

    then it will be to late when this happens, just like when Noah entered the Ark

    and God closed the door.

    Also they DO NOT have correct understand of MATT:24:15-22 yet

    as this will be revealed at a later time when Jehovah deems it necessary.

    My poor sister was so scared it was almost pitiful,because her children

    are all DF-D.

    This whole thing just made sick, just another one of their scare tactics,

    to get their minds to stay on focus of the end or they will die.

    Also with all the dirt going on involving their perfect organization!!!!!!!

    this is just to side-track them so they won't pay any attention to whats

    really going on.Anyway thought someone might be intrested in the latest.


  • Jesika

    Thanks for the update 50.

    All I have to say about the update is:

  • RunningMan

    Well, fear and guilt have always worked in the past. They might as well pull them out of the trunk again.

    It still amazes me that more of them don't catch on. If the end is coming any minute, and it doesn't happen, you'd think they would figure it out eventually.

  • hamptonite21

    hopefully the govt is going to be burning all of the kingdom halls. LOL

  • freedom96

    I can only speak about the U.S. because I live here, but this country was founded because of wanting religious freedoms, and most of the current political leaders in this country right now are religious at least in belief.

    For the WTS really to believe that this country is going to turn on religions and shut them down, they are quite naive.

    But the current "attacks" of the WTS right now will certainly drive the point home. I can see them now, talking about the lawsuits, the articles in the papers and magazines, the television coverage, all pointing towards their prophecy of them turning on the religions. What a bunch of crap.

  • dmouse

    It would be interesting if they did include Matt 24:22, since currently that scripture is used to indicate that the annointed will not all pass away before the big 'A' ... not really new light yet but I can smell it coming.

    Looks like the next generation of JW leaders are getting ready for the demise of the 'slave class' , I wonder what class the old farts will be replaced with?

  • Realist

    i was talking to an very sincere JW the other day and he told me the UN will attack religion world wide in the very near future ...according to WT that is the only prophecy that wasn't fullfilled yet.

    he expects this to happen almost daily now...certainly within the next 1/2 to 3 years.


    thats exactly what the guy said...not all the anoited ones will have passed away before the end comes! and these guys are getting extinct quickly.

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  • gumby

    The Government will turn on religion? Ah! Let em try. Religion has killed more than any military has.....why would religion lose? They are good fighters. God is on their side.

  • metatron

    more garbage from the greedy Watchtower propagandists

    Notice how they forgot about all the prophecies about the
    King of the North. Suddenly, 'he' vanishes , so they,
    simply ignore that and move along.

    So, what's the encore once this latest lie fails?
    What's the comeback? What glorious spiritual food will
    be served once the deceived, tired Witnesses throw away
    another year of their lives selling magazines?


  • Yerusalyim

    Hey, if we can confirm this MATT 24 issue that would be a significant doctrinal change. INTERESTING!

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