News From Circuit Assembly

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  • dsgal

    If the governments are going to turn on religions at any minute,then Jehovah better hurry and shine some light on that scripture!

  • Robdar


    My dad told me about this talk you mentioned. He wasn't there but heard from another brother in the congregation who called him to tell him about it. This other brother said that when the witnesses left that day they were stepping high with pride. It made my dad wanna puke. He said he is glad he decided to miss that assembly.

    Thanks for posting.



  • blondie

    They had to step high to avoid the piles of manure.

  • Robdar

    LMAO Blondie and amen to that!

    That was clever. Thanks for the laff.



  • blondie

    Thanks, Robdar, sometimes I'm inspired.

  • out4good3
  • willy_think

    Sounds like they are preparing there members for bad press, legal action and the loss of probity to pay for settlements, not a bad move, take care of the ped. and UN issue wile maintaining information control by demonizing the government and the media, tossing in more end of the world fear will cause people to hold fast to there way.

    All in all a good move, but not a move by one who cares any thing for the Bible or the truth.

  • Pistoff

    just more "earnest" bible discussion from the grand masters of circular logic, speculation, misdirection and outright lying at the WT. I remember to many of these talks to even get mad at this latest stuff. I remember when the vietnam war was winding down, they were speculating about 'peace and security' breaking out, look out of course, but nothing happened. Schroeder was in town and had lunch with many brothers some of whom asked what was happening, why no action? He responded that there was a great battle raging in heaven between jah/jesus and satan/demons, evidently delaying the great trib..........everyone ooohhed and aaaahed.

    please shoot me

  • SYN

    Seems our favourite spin crew are hard at work again, working the Sheeple up to a feverish Witnessing frenzy! For a few months, magazine placements will go up, and zeal will increase, then the Sheeple will realize it was all a false alarm and even more will leave the Truth.

    It doesn't get better than this, folks!

  • Trauma_Hound

    So when are they going to pass out the koolaid?

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