Silentlambs, The Letter, The World, and Justice.

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  • minimus

    ANDEE, that was a great post.It's too bad that the real meaning is getting lost.

  • DJ

    Hi Andee,

    I agree with you 100%.

  • SixofNine

    His points are just a valid as everyones elses.

    Not really. He is saying stupid things, and people are noticing.

    It does amaze me when someone takes a stand for God and the Bible they get pounced on pretty good here!

    Why? What intelligent basis is there for using the bible as an authority in any discussion (other than a discussion with the topic: "what does the bible say?")? Keyword is "intelligent" here. Using the bible as an authority seems to me to be an insult to intelligence. What have I missed?

  • AGuest

    May you all have peace... and may you hear a word of caution which I have been directed by my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, to share with you:

    Don't do this. Don't debate the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of Silentlambs, Inc., and their agenda/policy/effectiveness here, in public, on an international forum. Certainly, discussion is healthy, but a debate such as this... what you are doing here... is counterproductive, and serves only as "fodder" for those whose agenda is contrary. Surely you can "see" that.

    If you truly NEED to discuss the matter, consider doing so on a more secure site... or privately. But here, you are only giving their counsel things they can... and will... use; things they can... and will... "sell" to their membership as a result of your very arguments, your appearance of disunity. For you know for a very fact that they will take excerpts of a statement and exclude whatever they wish, or apply it however they wish, to affirm their position. You know this. And you are giving them a great deal.

    What Silentlambs will or will not do... and how... is entirely up to them. However, do not allow yourselves to be used in handing over such lambs to their enemies. Do not make it EASY for them! So, again, I ask you: let reason prevail and don't do this. For the sake of the lambs... many of whom they've already, in their wickedness, "prevented" from "coming" to my Lord.

    I, myself, SJ, have spoken it to you, just as I have heard it from my Lord, the Son of the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, and His Christ, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH.

    Again, I bid you peace!

    A slave of Christ, Son of the JAH, God of the "broken-hearted,"


  • BeautifulGarbage


    Impressing us Ex-Jw is to easy. Impressing and gaining support from people who know nothing, that is a challenge.

    Tis true. JW's to most people are just a strange group of people that don't celebrate holidays, refuse blood, and pester them on Sunday morning. Consider the short attention span of the public and it's difficult to get them to WANT to learn about the JW's . I know that I personally talk to those that are willing to listen. Most find it fascinating what goes on behind closed doors at the local kingdom hall and are appalled by much of what they learn. In the end, if this is a war that is going to be fought in the press, and in the courts, it is the NONJW i.e. John Q. Public that is going to have to be reached.


    If there is a God, and He is behind SL, who can stop it?

    If it is Bill's vision alone, it will surely fail.

    I am not a believer in a god of the bible or in the bible itself. I will not argue if SL has gods backing. It's pointless and I really want to get this thread back to the original topic. Thanks.


    Thanks for your post. I agree with you. Lambs have much trauma that they need to cope with and to sort out. They need to utilize many sources that will help them heal and take back their lives.


    We all want to see this organization (SL) succeed, and we all want to see the Society humbled.I hope that there is more to the letter than meets the eye, something that we don't know about.

    I certainly second that. Time will tell, I suppose.


    We all want to see this organization (SL) succeed, and we all want to see the Society humbled. I hope that there is more to the letter than meets the eye, something that we don't know about.

    Indeed we do! And yes, one would hope that it is perhaps part of a well laid plan that is not is not evident at this time.


    My concern is for Mans court. "God's court" (whatever that is) is of little comfort to those kids that are suffering as I write this.


    I am glad you found Silentlambs and found a place were you can find support and maybe even some justice. I never post with the intention to offend. Though I know I have in the past. Thanks for sharing.


    Without '' and it's founder, 'we' simply would not have gotten this far. To take this all the way to Crooklyn itself, is/ was and will always be, a great accomplishment. Many of us DO comprehend just what it took to get there.

    Absolutely! Now that it's there, where does it go from there? And that seems to be the rub. May you find your justice.


    Thanks for the kudos. I share your opinions regarding Bill B and HS.


    My siblings and I have talked about this for years...we support victims period

    Good for you!


    Your post is a thread unto itself. You raise many valid questions that need to be examined. Yes, SL seems to have two agendas. Many successful organizations do. It's how best these agendas can be advanced that there is disagreement. As with the growth of many such organizations, it becomes more than one person can handle effectively. I know that SL has posted job openings here on the board. So, obviously there is a desire to elevate SL beyond a "Mom and Pop" small business. For this to work smoothly, BillB is going to have to allow others to voice an opinion without the fear of being castigated and belittled. It's time of transition and I desire that to be a successful one.


    It will be won one case at a time in the streets and don't expect the org to be overthrown

    This is certainly a war that will not be won fast or easily. Bottom line for me: I want people to stop being hurt. Period.

    JT and Brummie,

    Thanks for your posts.


    Have you all noticed that this thread is really TWO threads?[quote]

    Uh, yep.

    [quote]The people who make up the court of public opinion do not understand a hundredth part of what goes on behind the doors of a kingdom hall nor between the pages of the watchtower. The arcane and occult arguments and reasoning of the WTBTS and how the GB should be held to its own standards doesn't mean squat to the average Joe on the street, so why get into it at all. I think BG is saying "tailor your arguments to fit your audience"

    (bold mine)

    Thanks for THAT comment, Frankie! That is exactly what I meant. Listen, I know that there are those that want to the the whole WTS shabang come crashing down like a Las Vegas hotel implosion. Well, until that happens, the only thing that is going to make the cockroaches scurrying is the light of public opinion being informed if their "policies" regarding the handing of JW pedophiles and child abusers.


    I'm for sticking to protecting children and staying away from the general hypocrisy.


    Thanks. I'm TRYING to take control back!



    Whew! what a turn this thread took! I would also like to share that even though many people may not be in the limelight wearing SL tee-shirts and screaming slogans, we still do many things that help "the cause". We often don't share it because of personal reasons or because we think its so small that it is not worth noting. I know that is the case for some. On another thread a few posters challenged those that expressed opposition to Bill Bs strategy. In short, either "put up or shut up". I would implore people do be careful in doing this. Some of these "whiners" do more than you will ever know.


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  • SixofNine

    LOL. Cute but loony. Shelby, I have to admit, your insane posturing stays far fresher than the insane posturing of our other equally insane posturers. I find myself getting angry and irritated with every post of yours, but before you know it, I'm laughing. You play this so straight, it's comical. You really ought to be on TV; have your own show. Shelby and her sidekick Jeheshua. Featuring the JAH of armies band. "Goodnight everybody! I ate your peas. Just kidding.... I bid you peace. Have a great night, 'we' will see you tomorrow" *wink*.

  • crownboy

    BeautifulGarbage, I largely agree with what you have to say. I think SL should stay focused solely on the main goal. Bill Bowen has to know that his letter to the GB was an excersize in futility, with no practical value. Yes, I indeed get his points, etc., but this will go nowhere. Of course, I praise his overall work, and hope it continues sucessfully.

    Great posts Reborn2002. When did you stop believing in God, BTW? When you first came here, I'm pretty sure you were a believer, but welcome to the "dark side" .

    Jesika, there is no use getting all worked up over Pom's comments. I certainly see why you are angry, but like Bill Bowens letter to the GB, what's the use? Pom won't change his belief system (I know you're not attempting to change his), and he'll continue to say the same thing. At least ignore him for this thread .

  • pomegranate
    >>The only thing I see is all talk and no action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<

    What action would you like me to do?

    >>How do you like me now?????????????????????? <<

    The same as I did before. Very courageous.

    >>I don't see you putting your NECK on the line, what the hell are you doing???????????? Have you contributed to Bill's cause???????<<

    I don't need to put my neck on the line. I'm doing what I can. Bill's cause? I thought it was YOUR cause and those like you that Bill is defending. Maybe I have it all wrong?

    >>You want to voice your opinion but do nothing for this cause ,but want to judge those who do. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?<<

    I voice my belief that it is God behind Bill and you accuse me of judging those for the cause? How have I judged and who may I ask? I do not understand your position.

    >>Do you even understand what the hell you are talking about??????????????????????????????????????????????????????<<

    I like to think so...but I think we all fake it now and again.

    >>Were you raped????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????<<

    No. But I have first hand knowledge of quite a few, that were very close friends.

    >>If not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<

    Bill wasn't raped was he? Does one have to be raped in order to understand your plight and say something about it? I think not...

    >>You have no voice in this matter if you don't support or understand our plight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<

    I understand it and I support it. I don't have to be raped to do either.

    Jesika <<

    That's sarcasm huh?

    With no understanding as to why you feel you have any right to question anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<

    So to you, if you're not raped you can't possibly understand?

    I still believe God is behind Bill. I also believe God is behind the expose' of the Catholic church.

  • pomegranate

    I can see I am not welcome in this thread, so I have no problem exiting for y'all's sake.

    Good nite y'all!!

  • AGuest
    Shelby, I have to admit, your insane posturing stays far fresher than the insane posturing of our other equally insane posturers.

    Dear Six... and peace to you... folks have done this "Shelby's insane" thing quite to death. It's very untrue, and so all I can recommend is that you consider letting it go.

    I find myself getting angry and irritated with every post of yours, but before you know it, I'm laughing.

    And I find myself wondering, well, you say that... to say... what?

    You play this so straight, it's comical.

    And I almost find it comical that you think me playing... almost. Truly, I find it sad... as you are so certain of your sanity, while denying me mine. And yet, what is it that you know... or have been given to know... anymore than any other of earthling man?

    You really ought to be on TV; have your own show.

    But then, I would have to have my own... ummmm, lines. The TRUTH is, though, my "script" has been written for me, by One whose wisdom I can't even begin to measure, and the lace of whose sandals I am unfit to tie. Truly. At least I know this and do not presume... as do many... to know anything... when in truth, I know nothing.

    Shelby and her sidekick Jeheshua.

    Since "sidekick" usually denotes a subordinate, and in some instances as servant, I must say that it is you, Six, who has it backwards. Again, the untying of sandals thing.

    Featuring the JAH of armies band.

    In another time, I might have admired your... arrogance. Now, I simply pity it.

    "Goodnight everybody! I ate your peas.

    Ah, another revelation of your "good" humor...

    Just kidding.... I bid you peace.

    And another attempt at hiding the truth of your heart. (Whispering) Uh, it's still a tad transparent (the truth of your heart), so you might want to know that your truth... uh, I mean, slip... is showing. And while the part we can see may be edged with pretty lace, it might benefit from a trip to the laundry. And may I suggest Tide? With bleach? Cause a "dirty" slip ain't pretty, no matter how much "lace" it has on it.

    Have a great night

    You, too, dear...

    'we' will see you tomorrow" *wink*.

    Perhaps. Though I must admit I am not certain that "you" have "eyes" to "see" much. Particularly sincerity and/or truth.

    Yet, my peace... remains.

    A slave of Christ,


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