Silentlambs, The Letter, The World, and Justice.

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  • kenpodragon

    Being part of a organization, you accept the outcomes that you wanted and the outcomes you wished didn't happen. When Christians want to only accept the good, and not accept the bad. They are not shouldering their responsibly. Which causes others to loss respect for them.

    When Enron did this, people hated them and wanted justice. When Christians do this, they blame the Devil, and stay loyal. Does not make sense.

    My thought


    PS : I do not believe in the Bible, so quoting it to me is like quoting the dictionary as God's word.

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  • Jesika


    The "faith" I was referring to was the definitions described in 3-4-and 5. That is not being a hypocrite!!!

    You said-----------I'm not asking you to see anything. I asked you how you know whether or not God is backing Bill? You don't. He could be. Your disbelief in God does not disqualify that possibilty. Your belief in God doesn't prove anything either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You said-----------Faith is trust. There is no difference. If you trust Bill and SL, you have FAITH in them.------In the way I am defining faith--there is a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You said------------That IS faith. It even MOVED YOU to DO SOMETHING. March in NYC--------- What moved me to do something was my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE----I am an incest survivor and SL gave me the chance to voice it publicly with those who support and understand me. If it had been the Catholics doing the same thing, I would have been there too. The reason I was able to go to NYC was because a friend paid for me to be there.

    You said-----------Does Bill still believe in God? Why would he use the Bible through the bull horn at the WTBTS if he didn't feel there was some FORCE behind it? Actually, it really wouldn't matter if Bill still believes or not. God uses unbelievers to get His will done all the time.----------I don't care if Bill believes in GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I care about is what he is doing! Aren't you tired of preaching to me now?????????????? This has nothing to do with GOD--if he is even real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You said----------------You are being a hypocrite. Silentlambs.ORG. The org stands for ORGANIZATION------------DUH!!!!!!!! I know silentlambs org=orgaization!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not being a hypocrite---my definiton of "faith" is not the one you see that I am using!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, what is next?????????? You gonna tell me to pray harder???????????????????????????????????

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  • pomegranate

    >>When Christians want to only accept the bad, and only see the good. They are not shouldering their responsibly.<<
    That is inaccurate. I shoulder MY OWN bad as MY OWN responsibilty. I DO NOT shoulder another man's bad as MY responsibilty.

    >>PS : I do not believe in the Bible, so quoting it to me is like quoting the dictionary as God's word.<<
    I do not believe in kenpodragon self theology, so I guess we're even.
  • wednesday

    One thing i have learned-don't put your trust in a manmade org. and don't expect God to personally intervene. I used to think both of these things-JW thinking. God helps those who help themselfs. Those chid victimization cases will be won one case at a time in the courts. By using the reasoning that if God is behind it it will suceed-well so far the WTS is winning. Does that mean God is backing them? I hope not.But b/c the wts is so sincerly interested in saving their royal butts, perhaps battles in the courts will bring some change in the way elders handle these cases-just for fear of being sued.Money talks BS walks.

    It will be won one case at a time in the streets and don't expect the org to be overthrown. God i not overthrowing all other evil religions-why should he single out WTS.

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  • pomegranate
    You gonna tell me to pray harder

    I haven't told you to do anything just like I haven't told you to see anything. Do exactly as you will!!!

  • cellomould
    cellomould are MISERABLE and UNHAPPY that I (or anyone else) can believe in God.

    Incontrovertible PROOF that the grass is greener on your side of the fence.

  • Jesika


  • ashitaka


    God is the figurative basket that people put their faith into. Doesn't mean he's real. Those Heaven's Gaters had faith, too.

    God has nothing to do with this. It's just people being people.

    Chill, Pom, our disbelief shouldn't make you panic. The fact that you believe in God just means you've put a spiritual face to your desire for immortality.


  • JT

    Folks like "Pomegranate scare the HELL out of me-

    the mindset that this poster had as a jw is exactly the Same-

    how sad-- that perhaps after all those years of being a jw they have not learned to understand what it means to Criticize someone in a Constructive manner really is.

    in wt world anyone who dared to criticize ANYTHING was automatically view as NOT SUPPORTING THE CAUSE,

    and i see the exact same thing here,

    for anyone not to understand the difference between:

    `1 Offering a word of caution and

    2. Rejecting and dogging someones efforts in my view is very sad indeed


    The poster who started this thread is right on POINT

  • Brummie

    Andee that was an excellent letter you posted, very balanced and very needed. I hope its taken notice of at the appropriate times.



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