Are you a cat or dog person? (fluff)

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    Here's a pic of my best girl Blue. She's watching my bubbles as I'm scuba diving in a river at this moment. The pic was taken about a week before she died this past summer. I miss her so much I just can't bring myself to get another dog. I get too darn close to them.

    We have several cats on our place and we don't feed them very often. So they are all natural born killers. This is stumpy so named because she lost her tail. Serves her right for sleeping with her tail under the fanbelt.

  • Sentinel

    I don't like dogs in the house, yet everyone we are related to has them. Some have at least two dogs "in" in the house. These are not small dogs. I I find it irritating when they are all over me, slobering, rubbing, wagging big tails, tripping me. Huh.....

    Give me a nice gentle house cat any day. We have two right now. That's enough. They get along great and even sleep at the bottom of the bed sometimes. Unlike dogs, cats keep themselves really clean all the time. You don't have to "walk" a cat, and you can leave them alone for longer periods of times.

    As far as cat breed, we stick with domestic short-hairs, with gentle personalities. Our year old cat is not a lap cat and is very independent, yet she is loving. The younger one is still a kitten, but she loves to play, even by herself, and she is definitely a lap cat. She's very affectionate. Both cats are also females and are always indoors. My sister has a male cat that she loves, but they do have "extra" problems. Of course we take care to have our animals "fixed", and all their shots and things at the vet. There is a lot of responsibility involved.

    It's fun and enjoyable to have a pet(s) that give you unconditional love. (It's lots of work too. I'm in charge of the litter pan, food and water, and trips to the vet and meds, etc.) I really don't mind at all!

    "Ginger" and "June" seem happy to be with us too!


  • OrbitingTheSun


    Blue looks like she was a wonderful dog. She had that weathered beauty that my dog Maggie had just before she died. The little white beard, the old wise eyes, all signs of a life well spent. To this day I believe Maggie understood things about life that I may never learn.

  • seven006


    Sorry my sense of humor forced you to use such a tired old clich. It isn't for everyone. Let me know what kind of humor you like and I will try my best to adjust my personality and present state of cynicism to comply with your life. I'd hate to bore you anymore. I will try to simplify my wit to amuse you while you are continuing on to a more perfect position in life.

    Please forgive me, for I know not what I do.


  • orangefatcat

    Anghaard, thanks for the web site.

    Dave I like you love cats and kitty kats, my favourite times are when my kittens were born. There is nothing more beautiful then watching baby kitties coming into this world. My beautiful girl Jessie was a fantastic mom to hers. She would actually tell me it was her time. She would not go into the closet until I would go down on to the floor with her and stay the whole time until the kittens were born. Inbetween babies she would meow and talk to me as if I understood her. After the kittens were born she would have the them nestled into her tites and I couldn't help but cry at seeing such a beautiful site and hearing those little piggys trying to suckle milk. I use to watch them for hours, when they were sleepinng and when the were eating. They were wonderful. And then the beauty of watching them grow up to be so cute and adorable and plain old nasty with their little claws, ouch! I saw Jessie through six litters and then she was fixed, she had her limit. She was a great mom and the fantastic thing about it, is that she would never have her kittens without me being present. It was a delight I shall never ever forget. I miss you Jessie. You were the Queen.

  • Swan

    This is a really really hard question to answer. I've grew up with both and I like both cats and dogs. We don't have a cat because I am allergic to some cats. My husband had a cat when I first met him. I loved that cat, but then she died of old age. I had no problems with allergies with her. My best friend had a cat that made my eyes itch and tear every time. So I tend to stick with dogs, but I will always visit with a cat for as long as my eyes can take it!

    We have a poodle now. She is the baby we never had. Here is her website showing how spoiled she is:


    PS: Here is her pic, if I can get this to work. I think it's working. Let me know if you see an X though.

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  • Robdar


    Coco is one spoiled little doggy...she is so adorable.

    Thanks for posting.



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    I forgive you.

  • CBeMe

    Cats for me!

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