Are you a cat or dog person? (fluff)

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  • In_between_days

    ok, im bored - really bored. This is my favorate breed of dog...............

    Whats yours?

    Also, are you a cat or a dog person? why????????

    I cant stand cats.

  • In_between_days

    It was Englishmans post on pandas that got me started!!!

    I bet you hate little doggies too, huh Englishman??

  • Angharad

    <--------------- Got to be cats.

    I do like dogs but dont think I'd ever get one, too much work! But if I did it would have to be something big like a Piranian mountain dog or something.

    I cant stand little yappy dogs.

    I cant see your picture so dont know what sort it is (sorry if its a little yappy one LOL)

    You need to upload your picture to a web site, no one else can see it on your C: try

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  • Prisca

    I'm a

  • ugg

    i just love cats....i love big dogs.....hate little dogs....

  • scootergirl

    I love cats but my husband had ONE bad experience w/a cat and thinks that all cats are the same, so he doesn't want any in the house. *sigh*

    So we do have a dog-a smaller house dog. She was a rescue from the pound and we love her so much.

  • orangefatcat

    <-------------------------CATS RULE DOGS DROOL

    Anghaard how did you make the cat icon please? I don't mind dogs, but I hate yappy dogs. I love Akita and chows and collies and BigFloppydog too.


  • Angharad

    I copied it from this web-site its got all sorts on it click on the cat link at the top right

  • Elders_Kid

    For all of you dog lovers out there, this is for you.........

    Click on the link, and watch the show.

    Sorry if I have offended any cat lovers, but this was just too funny!!!


  • Nikita

    Love 'em both! Big dogs, little dogs, cats with hair, cats without! I have 2 dogs and 2 cats (ALL males!)


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