Wrong ASSumptions from apostates

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  • Yerusalyim


    It IS the Society, the Organization, because the governing body sets policy that is followed by the individual UnChristian Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. The policy of secrecy is set in Brooklyn and followed by the congregations. People are threatened with being disfellowshipped if they go public.

    I could also raise arguements about the flawed theology of the Society, but you wouldn't listen Mr Fred Hall.

  • Sentinel

    The only reason why we refer to our own selves here as apostates, is because the WTBTS has labeled us as such.

    Far from ASSuming anything, we have done our homework. Many of us were NEVER disciplined. We simply made a decision for ourselves to leave.

    The borg cannot accept free thinkers, so we ar labeled. We frighten them. Why? Many of us are at different stages. We need something to hold onto. We like this "so-labeled" site, and if it means you are unhappy reading or posting here, then that is your decision.

    You are welcome here, but please do not attack us. We were once like you, and someday, if you are fortunate, you will be just like us.



  • Yerusalyim


    If I, as an opposer, am wrong, show me where.

  • TR


    You are one incredibly stupid person. I just couldn't find a way to sugar coat that previous statement, sorry.


  • Shutterbug

    Ease up guys, you are trying to convince a Watchtower zombie. The WTS puts what they want him to know thru a funnel in the top of his head and that crap comes out of his mouth. Talk to the nearest wall, you will have a more intelligent conversation.

  • imanaliento

    dear Bom

    you take any one of their books, ex. the creation book,

    look up those refrences that they quote, you will see more than one misquote.

    bits and pieces here and there . make take a little work on your part if you really care to know the truth.

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  • Yerusalyim

    I thinks BoMatt6 is the ressurection of Freddie Hall, what thinks ya'll.

  • LB

    So the troll uses the captials ASS in the world ASSumptions and we're going to continue to feed him? I wouldn't bother. It doesn't want conversation or answers even, it just wants to stir it up.

  • minimus

    WHY FEED THESE PEOPLE'S EGOS??????????????????????????????????

  • Francois

    Dear Bom,

    I'm trying to see things from your perspective, but I can't get my head that far up my ass no matter how hard I try. How do you do that?


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