Candace Conti Settles

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Nitty, do you have children?
  • zeb
  • snare&racket

    Nitty gritty: That's one perspective of a court case involving child rape, I will never share or understand again. Of course being free from brainwashing helps.

  • zeb

    Snap are having a national conference soon and the existence of the Royal Commission (see Child abuse heading) here in Australia is being passed onto the delegates. The RC hearing into the JW will commence on the 27th of July. Go to Google for the site. "Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse."

    Peace, love


  • zeb
    If any of you have the knowledge Candace Conti should be nominated for the Nobel peace prize forshe has done any as much as any other person for the dignity of the innocent.
  • azor

    Nasty nitty. What a grotesque thing to state in the OP. You should be ashamed of yourself. Only a religionist could say, believe, and practice the things you do and say.

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    Candace lost, or changed nothing??? From this court case we got...

    1. Two national news shows brought negative coverage about the Watchtower, not about Candace.
    2. Candace case also has caused many people to come out of the shadows and denounce the Watchtower congregations as a pedophile haven. Several lawsuits have been spearheaded by the results in the Conti vs Watchtower case. More negative coverage to come.
    3. The Watchtower paid an undisclosed amount of money to Candace.

    According to your account I should reverse my previous statements. You would like to possibly exchange the words "Watchtower" and "Candace". But, will that be accurate and truthful?

  • cultBgone

    Nitty is full of *%#?!. When my child was molested, the elders not only told me to be quiet about it so as not to upset the congregation !!! but told me not to let anyone see that I was upset !!! (Feel the love?) I was actually told not to go back inside the hall until I had calmed down. Compassion? Not for me or my child. Never once did they ask about us...not one time. They just wanted to keep me quiet.

    How dare you ever suggest that the wts cares about children and that the elders do the right thing. You should be so ashamed of yourself for defending these men who are more concerned about protecting their organization than they are about protecting innocent children.

  • bradford

    I'm no bible scholar but I believe part of the acceptable form of worship was to care for motherless/fatherless children, aka vulnerable children. You would think an organization claiming to be the one true religion chosen by Jesus based on a erroneous date would make protecting kids a top priority.

    They did not. They follow a principle out of context to protect their image in the form of the two witnesses ruling.

    Nitty, who obviously is here to ruffle feathers and disregard the advice of the beloved org, puts Conti up as the apostate idol when no one views her as such. Then, tries to bring her down for settling. Whatever her reasons for doing what she has are her own. I think the WT says it is satanic to imply what others motives are. Idk Nitty, sounds like you are satanic. Bottom line... More will leave the org as a result than will join it. That is a win.

    This forum has been entertaining.

  • berrygerry

    *%#?!. When my child was molested, the elders not only told me to be quiet about it so as not to upset the congregation !!! but told me not to let anyone see that I was upset !!!

    I met an ex-Dub couple today - RP's - recently df'd for apostasy, and a third who was from the States.

    The American's sister and cousin were molested by Dubs.

    The couple both had siblings that were molested by Dubs.

    The male became MS, and was told by the BOE, so-and-so is a pedo, so-and-so is a pedo - 4 known pedos in their KH.

    I had been wondering if this was contained to the US, but it is obviously global (I'm in Canada).

    Anyone defending this corporation is as guilty as the corporation is.

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