Candace Conti Settles

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  • OrphanCrow
    Nitty-Gritty: but once they are found out to be practicing these things they are disfellowshipped and no longer JWs.

    Oh my goodness. You made that post while I was typing mine. Now I have to revise what I said about "change happens".

    Sigh. I should say - "Change happens with some people" Obviously, Some people still believe in what is not true, Some people refuse to change their views or beliefs about the practices of the JWs.

  • tidalblitz

    So, Nitty-Gritty, you look at the settlement and automatically portray Candace Conti in a negative light? Are you saying that she wasn't molested? Are you saying that child molestation does not happen in the JW congregations?

    I think its pretty rotten of you to come to the defense of a faceless organization and attack a victim, accusing her of improper motives.

    Also, what do you mean it was Candace's turn to appeal? It was the WTS that appealed to the California Supreme Court. It was the WTS that looked to settle before that court took a look at the case. Candace accepted the original verdict. She was willing to fight further if the WTS wanted to fight further. But the WTS wanted to settle and so she accepted.

    You need to stop looking at this with rose tinted glasses and see the truth behind the matter. The WTS should come out boldly against child molestation. It should direct elders to announce to all parents in the congregations if a convicted child molester is in the congregation and who that person is. This secret bullshit needs to stop.. and NOW!

  • Finkelstein

    Some lead a double life for a while, before they are found out, but once they are found out to be practicing these things they are disfellowshipped and no longer JWs

    I dont think your realizing what is deemed as a sin, as apposed to what is a crime.

    The point being is that religions like the JWS having been treating pedophilia as just another sin, that can be simply redeemed and forgotten about. The Catholics forgave certain priests for acts of pedophilia and set them out to only have them repeat this crime some times over and over again, covered up quietly by the Vatican orders and the Pope.

    The innocence of children should not be put into peril simply because an organization wants to retain a clean and righteous image around itself. This is morally and socially irresponsible, not to mention apathetically disgusting .

  • ScenicViewer

    Nitty-Gritty: @ScenicViewer

    But Watchtower claims to be different from "every strata of society." Remember, JWs are "no part of the world," and there is supposed to be a "spiritual paradise" in the organization, a place of "special protection and safety" from the evils of this world, according to Watchtower.

    These child molestation cases are proving that sexual molest of children, which exist in society in general, also exist among Jehovah's Witnesses. This shows that Watchtower is no better than the world it condemns.

    There are also adulterers, fornicators, liars and the like in Congregations. But guess what, no one can control what you do, it is up to individuals to apply Bible principles and not do these things. Some lead a double life for a while, before they are found out, but once they are found out to be practicing these things they are disfellowshipped and no longer JWs.

    Yes, but the "adulterers, fornicators, liars, and the like" that you refer to are not publicly aired; it's easy to keep these things relatively secret. The difference with the Conti case (and other child molest cases) is that it was a public embarrassment to Watchtower because it went to court and was advancing to high levels of the Justice system. The notoriety could not be avoided.

    In addition, with ordinary adulterers and fornicators, who is harmed by those sins? In almost every case an adulterer has a willing partner.

    In the case of sexually molesting children the victims are greatly damaged, and when this is made public it gives Watchtower a black eye because there is hardly a more offensive crime that could be committed. Yes, sexual molest of a child is a serious crime, not just an ordinary sin as with adultery or lying.

    Theses cases are showing that Jehovah's Witnesses are no different from the rest of the world or from the Churches they so vigorously condemn.

  • StrongHaiku

    As far as I am concerned, Candace Conti owes me nothing by way of an explanation. And, I do not need to burden her with trying to live up to the role of hero or a martyr.

    She was able to get the facts on record that the JWs have in the past and continue to protect pedophiles. She was able to put pressure on the Organization to (hopefully) address these issues. She owes me nothing, but if you are still a JW, you do owe her.

    If you are a JW and you continue to give your life and resources to the Organization you are, by definition, supporting a criminal organization. You can no longer plead ignorance. If we were talking about the Catholic Church or some other corporation you wouldn't hesitate to leave it. What she did may or may not make her a hero, but it certainly makes her better than you.

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  • wannaexit
    Candace achieved what she set out to do. She was a courageous young woman and I applaud her. I hope she got a good settlement.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "Remember her aim she said was not the money, but to change WT policy. WT policy was not changed."

    Like disfellowshipping and threatening to disfellowship victims of molestation for speaking out. Is that how "every strata of society" behaves?

  • Nitty-Gritty

    @sir82 You have no idea what her lawyers advised her. You know nothing about anything about her.

    Funny you posting this on this forum. Isn't this what this forum is all about? Speculation, judging things one has no idea about, twisting truths and implying wrong motives? How does it feel?

    Who really knows? Maybe you should tell the others on here to copy that text, and tape it to their foreheads.

  • wannaexit
    Nitty-Gritty - what a troll you are . Go away!!

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