Still on the fence!!!

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  • Joyzabel

    Welcome to the board, Breeze.

    Well, if you are starting to comment on this board, that means your mind is beginning to wake up and not be so controlled. Good for you. It will take some time to "deprogram", but then you'll know which side of the fence to get down on

    Enjoy this group, they are wonderful.


  • Mulan


    I agree with jjrizo.............Crisis of Conscience made me want to run in the other direction, soon and fast. I am embarrassed I spent the first 50 years of my life in that religion.

    Yes, the morals are high, but they are in many families, that are not associated with any religion. I don't credit them for that, in my life. My family was that way when they became witnesses, back in 1950. I was 4 years old. No choice for me, but now I can choose to NOT be one.

    I hope you enjoy all of us. We can be crazy at times, but it's always fun and interesting.

  • LDH


    By any chance, you from Upstate New York? I know a family from there named The Breezes and the Mom was very cool. She is one of the few I miss.

    Welcome to the board, you came out of lurk mode.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    but not replying has become more than I can resist!

    That's what brought me to logging on after lurking for a was more than I could resist...and now I need my daily log-on just to get throught the day!

    BIG WELCOME Breeze. (love the name)

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Just noticed your icon is a fan.....thus 'breeze' .....very clever!


    BY posting on this site BREEZE it indicates you have chosen which side of the fence you are on now OUR SIDE...(((((healing hugs)))) HAVE A GOOD LABOR DAY--queenie

  • LB

    Welcome Breeze.

    One of the more difficult things I found was back when you weren't to stand up during the national anthem. I sat through a few anthems and got beer splased on me once too. After that I'd usually go for a little walk to the bathroom or concessions instead of remaining in my seat. I hated that. What an easy way to piss off your neighbors.

  • onacruse

    Breeze, welcome!!

    You say: "The guilt and the horror of daily reminders of the end of the world and to my existence has harmed beyond repair."

    As one who myself was raised a JW (40 yrs), I felt the same way, until I joined this forum. Perhaps (read likely) you will find, as I now am, that the harm we suffered is NOT beyond repair, and may even be turned to our advantage and even into a strength.



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