Why are sisters not allowed to wear trousers???

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    just to see what would happen or if anybody said anything i recently attended a meeting in trousers ( im female)

    Welcome Smiler! Having read this board over the past 9 months (never was a Dub) I would say you were pretty gutsy.....hmmmmm , and no one said anything....your congregation must be one that a lot of people around here would dream of. Good for you!!

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  • da_luvvin_bruvva

    I have it from good authority that there is to be new light on the matter of women wearing trousers.

    All sista's will now be able to wear trousers; with the proviso that the trousers only have one leg large enough to go round the whole of your waist, however, you can wear them as long as you like provided it covers your knees.

    It would seem that the Glubbering Body has even sanctioned for sista's to have pleats as well! Isn't that luvly?

    Oh, one other thing, there should be no problem just as long as you remember not to wear them with pockets.


    All sorted.


  • The_Bad_Seed

    1. Why are sisters not allowed to wear trousers?

    - Jehovah has an admitted ankle fetish. He loves them!

    2. When sisters where a skirt why have they got to be below the knee?

    - Because dubs up on the platform have been known from time to time to let their attention wander to more interesting things, ie: other peoples crotches. GB nipped that one in the bud.

    3. Why to some brothers wear their pyjama bottoms under their suits?

    - They provide a buffer zone for those brothers feigning interest at the hall - makes them feel like they're sleeping when they really aren't, but really want to be.

    4. Why do all poineers have a cream mac?

    - I have no idea what a cream mac even is, but it sounds terribly dirty.

    5. Why is it the uglier the brother the higher up in the congregation?

    - Guessing you were using the GB as a guideline for that question?

    6. Why do mums put their baby boys in bow ties?

    - Because it's CUTE. Jehovah likes Groucho Marx impressions as well.

  • frogit

    Hi Tish

    I know the answer to No: 6

    6. Why do mums put their baby boys in bow ties?

    Its a form of child abuse, they think it looks cute, sometimes they dress the said kid up in a suit as well, this makes the kid look like a real JW. At home the parents give the kid a false moustache and cigar, just like Groucho Marks.


  • Omega Man
    Omega Man

    Here's a good question. The bible says short hair is for a man and long hair is a glory for the woman. In the congreagation a man is to have short hair. If he had long hair he would not qualify for privledges yet a woman can have short hair and its ok. ITs funny how the society will pick and choose what they feel they take as literal.

  • hillary_step

    I knew a older male Pioneer JW, eccentric to the point of insanity who wore plastic bags around his stockinged feet in the winter. As the day wore on and perspiration made his shoes the equivalent of walking on water, he could be clearly heard a good thirty feet away, squelching his way from door to door.

    He was completely convinced that no attractive women could resist his charms, interpreting their puzzled looks at the noises exuding from his feet as random attempts to seduce him from the Pioneer Service. "Satan works through women and children" he would instruct me, citing endless examples as proof.

    I will always remember the seedy raincoat which hung on him like a damp curtain, the lapels shining like mirrors from years of wear. He would proudly and frequently announce to a whole coffee-shop full of people, "As a Pioneer, I cannot afford to buy cheap. I buy the very best clothes as they last that much longer." He would then spread his arms slightly and say "I have had this raincoat for twenty-three years" and then wait proudly as his pitying audience would cry, "Never Jim, I don't believe it!"..lol


  • Cassiline


    I can't imagine. My husband is in the military. I know what a day of wearing combat boots does to his feet. The smell is horrible, I can't imagine wearing plastic bags over ones feet inside shoes. I am sure he must have cleared out the hall or his car group if he ever took the shoes off while inside either. Even without taking off the shoes I am sure you could smell his feet.

    Did he ever give a reason as to why he wore plastic bags in his shoes?

    Cassi, who is happy she never had to go out in field service with the "baggie brother". Gives a whole new meaning to "Glad Bags".

  • hillary_step
    Did he ever give a reason as to why he wore plastic bags in his shoes?


    Yes, apparently it kept his feet warm during the gray and dreary UK winters....lol He finally got married at age fifty-eight, looking emaciated and shabby from decades as a bachelor without a cause, to a twenty-two year party animal. We always joked about the honeymoon when he would no doubt allow her the great privilege of removing the sodden shoes from his feet....lol


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  • StinkyPantz

    An elder's wife in my hall wore pant-suits and no one ever said anything. My mom said it was okay.

  • Stephanus

    Sisters can't even wear jeans for a hike in the mountains!:

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