Why are sisters not allowed to wear trousers???

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  • Matty

    Tish! One thing that made me slightly curious was this:

    The 'cheap suit' explanation from Elsewhere sounds plausible, but how do you know that most brothers wear pyjamas under their trousers anyway?

    Did you have a habit of pulling brother's trousers down to inspect what they were wearing underneath?

    I don't remember you ever doing this before, was this something you started doing when you moved to that weird city?

  • Farkel

    : : Why are sisters not allowed to wear trousers???

    Because trousers provide no "view" when elders are a half-flight of stairs below, or sitting across the room?


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  • SixofNine

    ... and the number 1 reason sisters are not allowed to wear trowsers, is: No snake; no trousers.

  • SYN

    It's CAPTION time!!!!!

    Just before they reached Paradise, Brother Flippy heard the rogue Apostate Trees coming up rapidly behind the Flippy Family.

    Little did Sister Flippy know that she was about to get thrown over a cliff by her irate mother for saying "BLOW", basket & all.

    Sister Flippy was amazed that the Sherpas hadn't tried to take a peek up her dress yet - they were well known for their "UPSKIRT XXX PRON OMG LOL WTF".

    Stuck in a wicker basket carried by his Sister, Baby Flippy felt that the New System wasn't all it was cracked up to be, considering all baby carriers had been destroyed and other things had to be used instead, like fruit baskets.

    Pink and turquoise had been chosen as the least likely colours to cause a gang confrontation in downtown Manhattan by the eager Pioneer family, but Little Brother Flippy was a prime target for the Westside Gang, because the Eastside Gang wore red.

    Little Sister Flippy had thought that the Elizabethen Collar looked cool on the puppy after it's ass operation, so she kept it and wrapped it around her neck when the puppy's ass was healed.

    They'd had such a tough time pontificating, but eventually Mama Flippy decided that she and her daughter would wear pointy shoes for their hike up the huge mountain. Their decison was Bible Based (TM).

  • zev
    Why are sisters not allowed to wear trousers???


    cuz they look damn fine in them. wouldn't want the elders to get all flustered or anything now would we?

  • Mulan

    My husband told me, back in the 70's, when this came up at elder school, that "if you let the sisters wear pantsuits, they will eventually wear jeans, and we can't have that!"

    It all seems so silly to me now. My son was married last year, at a church. Lots of the women wore beautiful dressy pants outfits. Some were just in casual pants, but it was fine. No one thought it was inappropriate. They were modest, clean and well groomed. Why the dresses? They aren't Pentacostals!! Oh yeah, they really are, aren't they?

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