Thank you for stopping by and having a nosey at my profile. Sorry can't give you too much info about myself (my family is still in), but I have not been to meeting since May 2003. It was the Isaiah book(s) study that did it for me, 607 bce and all the trying to fit in 1919 ce. Not only those books, but the gross lack of love that made me sit up and think, not stopped thinking since then, and now don't believe in creation, but dear I say…… evolution! My feelings are: religion holds mankind back from reaching our full potential, to many rules that we don’t need. Why do we need an old book to tell us how to deal with each other? I have done all the stuff in my JW career; accept being an elder (refused), been there done that have the scars? (Tee-shirt). After all this above I can and will change as I grow. Thanks for this forum (Simon) I’m still moving forward. Bit of an update I'm not so bothered now about my family knowing what I do I'm fading away from the JWs more and more, It's just a Meeting Religion, that's all.