What's your dirtiest habit??

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  • plmkrzy

    im getting real tired of wiping coffee off my monitor so i will either have to give up this thread awhile of give up coffee.

  • Doc_jedd

    jelly, I hope you never get hemmoroids and feel that the toilet paper is a bit too rough!


  • c5

    I always hated my mom's habit of licking her hand and then wiping our face with it. Any one else have a mom that did that?

    Speaking of bad habits. I deal cards in a casino. I ALWAYS wash my hands when I go on break after handling the chips. We had one customer one time (maybe more than once, who knows!) take his chips to the bathroom with him. A fellow dealer observed him urinating in the urinal. He was still trying to hold onto his chips, but they all fell right into the urinal while he was still going. He did not wash his hands or the soiled chips! Yuck!

    Hmmm, bad habits that I have. Here is a gross one when I was young. I used to like to eat the butter-flavored crisco out of the can. I get disgusted remembering it now. I did it because I liked how it felt in my mouth. Grossssss! Some things should not be remembered!


  • jack2

    What gets me is the number of guys where I work who use the toilet/urinal without washing afterwards.

    Then there's the kids at the Hall who do the same, and brothers at assemblies who fail to wash their hands as well.

  • ugg

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is classic stuff!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!


    BEING BORING AND NEGATIVE (but I am honest to a fault I have been so deemed by the assistant Modrator of xjwCalifornia OH MY GOD somebody did die and made him GOD over all the earth..positively speaking of course...((((HUGS TO ALL)))) queenie


    I forgot picking my nose and playing with my snot among other things.. IT does not make me the sexiest shit in town or does it cuz sometimes I get a little shit under my nails when I attempt to wip off..oh what a grand elderette and or MSette I would make positively speaking of course !!! how am I doing so far guys I AM HAVING FUN !!! LINDA LOU

  • jwbot

    looking at porn
    I have adult cable channels...what AM I supposed to do?

  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs


    If you became repulsed by the lady not washing her hands then you need to spend two minutes in the men's bathroom and see what the men do afterward. Myself, I use soap and hot water. Then, after I dry my hands, I use the towel to open the door. Grabbing the door handle with your bare hands negates the washing of your hands.

    My dirtiest habit? If I told you then you'd have to sleep with me...

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  • Nikita

    LOL at Biggs! I do the same thing!!! Geez, you'd think we were related or something!

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