Ozzie's Weekend Poll #17

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  • Princess

    The Truth



    Good poll Ozzie!


  • Nikita

    wicked, as in everyone else in the whole world who is not a JW is such.

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  • larc

    The one that bothered me most was the term, the organization. It sounds like a Mafia term to me. Well, I guess there are some similarities between the Mafia and the "Society'.

  • patio34

    All of the WTS words and phrases are so overused as to be hackneyed. Can't they ever come up with new schtick? My personal words that made and make me cringe are:

    The tasty appetizers for the spiritual banquet Jehovah has prepared for us (excuse me while I go throw up . . .)

    Aren't we all encouraged ?

    I never use the word encouraged now.

    Oh and how about Bible principles? Ugh!

    Don't forget bad association! Who can ever repress that?

    They talk as if they're from another planet! Oh, I forgot: it's the pure language of Bible Truth.

    I can't take any more!!


    Edited to add: typical and antitypical representation . . . No comment necessary on that #^^!!!!

    Oh and another thing Waiting has pointed out: when a talk was convoluted and stupid, some of the friends would come out and say "Wasn't that deep??" What BS!

    I think they're incapable of talking normally. But of course that's how mind-control works and limited vocabularies stultify thinking.

    Ozzie, you really opened a can of worms with this

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  • hippikon

    The one word that phrase pisses me off is

    Spritual Paradise

    Should read: Spiritual Pigsty

  • Wren

    # 1, ditto ignored one's post.

    #13, I'm at the point I just recently started disliking the word Jehovah. It jumps out in a sentence as a handpicked code word for Watchtower, when used by WTS or anything about JW's. It is brilliant as special language to meld a belief in an almighty god and his word together with a publishing organization with the expected results. Of course, if it's used secularly, I realize it refers to the God of the Bible's name.

    Edited to add: I laugh now at Cedar Point, Ohio or anything with the secondary Watchtower fulfillment. At my most zealous(oh there's another one)studying the more outlandish fulfillments such as Cedar Point, OH, I thought, but not admitting to sarcasm "Well, somebody was really inspired writing that day".

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  • Larry

    I hate the word "JEHOVAH" - It's so hard for me to say that word. In fact, I never liked it while I was a DUB. Anytime I'm talking to someone about the BORG I call it The CULT and the people in the BORG, I call cult members.

    Peace and Security - LL

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  • minimus

    rightly,clearly,thinking persons,let us,may we never..,happily,sadly,as it were

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