Deleting A Poster Akin To DF'ing?

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  • Englishman

    I recently got an email from Mr. Moe. Amongst other things, she says that she hated DF'ing when she was a dub, so she abhores the banning of certain posters from this site, because it seems so similar to DF'ing.

    I think her opinion is of great value and warrants looking at closely. Is suspending someone for the contents of their posts justifiable then? The analogy is at first very persuasive, especially when it is likened to DF'ing, which is undoubtedly a barbaric and unscriptural practise IMHO.

    But is it really comparable? Last week, in my local pub, a bunch of contract workers walked in and asked for Guiness's all round. They stood at the bar drinking their ale and were amiable enough, except that every other word seemed to be of the 4 letter variety. The Landlord beetled over quickly and said: "Mind your language please gentlemen, we won't tolerate those words in here".

    They replied that they were sorry, and, for a few minutes all was well. However, the 4 letter words came up again, so Ron the landlord said: "Right. I've told you once. This is the last time. Now quit it."

    They stopped for a while, but eventually it resurfaced. Ron said nothing. Eventually they asked Ron for more pints of Guinness. Ron just said: "No. I'm not serving you. I don't want you in my pub."

    At this point they got really mad, and us locals were worried that we might have to assist Ron if they became violent. As you would expect, having blown their welcome, the obscene language flowed thick and fast and was accompanied by threats of violence. Eventually they huffed off vowing retribution.

    So my point is this: Has Ron disfellowshipped those guys who wouldn't abide by the rules? Are we, as regulars, forbidden to speak with them if we so choose? Or has Ron just exercised his power of veto and stated what behaviour is / isn't acceptable by guests on his premises, and prohibits entry to those who refuse to comply?

    So has Simon got the same rights as Ron in the pub? Only Simon has the power to suspend a poster at this site, and, after all, isn't this place kinda like Simon's pub?


  • ozziepost

    I like that pub!

  • Englishman

    I thought that you would like it, Ozzie!

    There are some pubs that wouldn't bother much about the obscenity, but generally speaking they are of the rougher variety that tend to be male-dominated. I think that these guys were only familiar with that sort of place.

    Oddly, bad-language is generally tolerated over here, there are only 2 words that will get you thrown out of a pub.

    It ain't Jehovah's witness either!


  • LovesDubs

    I would think that we apostate types would understand that we are labeled such by the DUBS because, per them, we crave total anarchy and want to do what we want to do when we WANT to do it and to HELL with everybody and everything. Rules of etiquette be damned. Well, I would hope that we didnt walk out of the Kingdoom Hall doors and into Caveland and feel that we no longer have to abide by ANYBODY'S rules out here any more because we shucked the demon Borg. We do people. This isnt a free for all and anybody having a pity party because they are being asked to stay within the parameters set by our host, doesnt have to post here. Simple as that. Its Simon's board, and somebody has to have the last word on things. If somebody was threatening me, I'd kick them off too. If somebody was abusing the purpose of this board, and was warned not to and continued to...they have only reaped what they have sown. Opinions are one thing...asking for money and threatening the host are entirely different than free speech, the latter of which I am positive that Simon appreciates the sanctity of, being as he started this place. IMHO


    NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE. Yes, we all have to live by rules and regulations. If you don't like the rules and regulations go some where else. The wt has rules and regulations that I accepted, it's the ones (or new rules) that they never told you about, until you get in the 'little back room' that I refuse to accept. Yes, and I went somewhere else. Like, right here! Simon, has done an excellent job. Thanks Simon!!!!!!!!


  • Prisca

    Simon's pub, Simon's rules. And his rules aren't that hard to abide by, either.

  • patio34

    To further the analogy of disfellowshipping, one would have to say no one anywhere has the right to exclude anyone from their company, wouldn't they? It's only comparable at a superficial level, but not upon thought. Taken to an extreme, you'd have to allow unsavory characters in your home!


  • DakotaRed

    I went over to their new forum, thinking about registering there too. But, after reading a few posts, decided against it. I see it eventually generating into a huge bar room brawl, myself.

    Simon has done a good job here and every aspect of society has rules to follow. I received the same email from Amanda and appreciate her view, but also disagree with her. There is no such thing as total freedom and any who think they have a right to it, are just fooling themselves.

    Lew W

  • LB

    I can see where Moe is coming from. I too got her e-mail. But it really isn't shuning is it? In Amanda's case she DAed herself. She pushed hard to be DAed too. But unlike DAing or DFing I know she'd be welcomed back anytime.

    I hope they are all happy over there. I looked at Dan's sight and he's got it started up and running fine. I'm not a fan of the format though. Still hopefully it will be a success.

    They get to curse a lot there too if they want. Good for them. I got to curse a lot when I was a construction worker, it was almost demanded of me. I didn't mind.

  • LyinEyes

    Sorry to hear about the trouble in your local pub , Englishman. We get that at times too and it just makes everyone uncomfortable.

    I don't know the whole Mr. Moe story, so what I will say is not directed to her or anyone eles in particular for that matter.

    I think this " Simon's Pub" has been a wonderful healing place for me.Ihave made new friends and even meet some face to face, all thanks to the owner of this site. I don't think it is out of line for him to keep us in line from time to time. I mean I know I have used some bad language and he asked us to keep it clean. He has been more than tolerant and more forgiving than most would be if they had to deal with what he does. It doesnt hurt us to abide by the few rules he gives us. I am sure one day I am going to break one ......... I always do,,,,,,,,, but I am sure I will be delt with fairly. I would rather abide by the rules which really are not harsh, than to be banned from this board .

    Alot of us were very hurt by the JW"s for being d/f or d/a and we at times can be defensive and think that someone is trying to tell us what to do and how to do it. But I really can't compare being banned from this site , akin to d/f. From what I have seen Simon gives repeated and repeated attempts to reason with someone, and even makes admends when he says he is wrong about something, and that is something theWT will never do.

    Cheers, Dede

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