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    Yesterday I asked You Know and Yardif why they frequent these apostate sites.I asked this question: "How do you justify coming on these boards?". You Know's answer:"The way I understand it, it is a conscience matter." When I asked whether he was serious, he replied:"I am serious".When I asked him for further clarification, he suddenly vanished from the conversation. His answers were beginning to get shorter and shorter. Kinda reminded me of Fred Hall. It's funny, when these guys want to ridicule the "apostates" they are all over the board, but when they are questioned about their involvement in something the "faithful slave" says is something to be avoided, we're not hearing a peep. Or are their Bible-trained consciences bothering them???

  • AjaxMan


    No surprise there: All JWs pretty much do that. They like to criticize non-JWs and ex-JWs, but when we ask them question, they start dancing around it without answering or not answer at all. They are nothing but a bunch of cowards: If they criticize and make statements, then they ought to take criticisms and questions.


  • Amazing

    Hi Minimus: Good post. I have found that JW defenders who ridicule ex-JWs, will try to side-step the Watchtower's directives about the Internet. And honest JW defender will acknowledge they are acting against the Society by associating with ex-JWs. You KNow surprises me because he has shown some good insights recently, even to have a heart ... and I vaguely recall that he acknowledged sometime back that he knew he was violating the Society's directive against the Internet. Yadirf (Friday), on the other hand does not surprise me, as he seems much more contradictory.

    The November 1999 KM insert made it very clear that JWs are to stay off Internet sites that are deemed apostate, and even to avoid JW sites unless it is the Watchtower's official site ... were I still an Elder, I wold not be surprised to see a JC meeting where someone like You Know or Friday being confronted with the Nov. 99 KM and then DF'd for frequenting ex-JW chat forums. If You Know or Friday are genuine JWs who really know the religion, they know that is the case as well ...

  • hawkaw

    Hi Amasing and min,

    Both excellent posts and my thoughs exactly.

    I have also heard through a very good friend of mine that a new talk was given over the past week that clearly warned all JWs to stay off the internet as well as not to believe what is in the newspapers. I suspect this has to do with the Child Abuse issues in the lamestreet press going on mostly in the USA.


  • Quotes

    I agree with the observation, and can (embarrasingly) say that when I was a good JW teenager, I did a similar thing once.

    I was entering a local apt. bldg. to go "in field service" (or as I call it now, "door knocking"). A man approached US in the lobby and confronted us with some topic that typically confuses JWs (I forget now what it was, exactly, this was about 15-20 yrs ago).

    After trying to "correct" him (using the Reasoning Book, and whatever other WT stuff we had in our book bags) the matter was still unresolved. So this guy invites me back to his apt. the following week but made me promise that I would support my points with non-WT material (since I said that I could).

    Well, I spent some time researching (non WT books) and found that it wasn't as clear-cut as I thought. I couldn't prove my point using non-WT sources, not even close.

    So, I never went back, even though I promised to this man I would. Tsk tsk tsk, shame on me. I felt really bad about breaking my promise, but I never really questioned the more important issue: why was the WT teachings so unprovable without WT references?

    Yup, I too did the "fast disappear and never return" when things got too hot. You Know and Yadirf and I should now be best friends, right guys/girls? Lets hang out together!


  • minimus

    Ah, QUOTES, you learned though. YOU KNOW and FRIDAY will probably wait and then join in bashing somebody else's post. Let's keep an eye on them and make sure they never forget that they shouldn't be on here, per Society's instructions.

  • HoChiMin


    It's called a TROLL


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  • minimus

    HOOCH CHI MIN, What's called a troll?

  • ThiChi

    I applaud any free thinking JW who chooses to expand their experience through this forum. YK is right, it is a conscience matter what groups you choose to visit on the net.....

    We should do the opposite and thank them for visiting and contributing. Who wants to just hang with all like-minded posters on this board? Sounds just like the Jws to me.....

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  • minimus

    not according to the slave!

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