My Therapist Must Think I'm Absolutely Nuts!

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  • Swan

    Every week I go in and tell my therapist these fantastic stories about the religion I was raised in! I think he believes me, but then when I think about it, it sounds too fantastic to be true. He must think I'm absolutely insane. Any moment the people from the state hospital are going to pull up in an ambulance with a straight jacket for me.

    Tonight I told him about three factories in the NY/NJ area called Bethel where they do nothing but print religious propaganda. The people who volunteer to work in these factories are bright young men who have chosen to go there instead of college. For this, they get to work 8.5 hours a day, five days a week, and half a day on Saturday for their room, their grub, and a stipend of $16.00 a month. I told him it used to be $14.00 / month but was raised to meet inflation and may have been raised again, I don't know what the current amount is. Their spare time is spent engaged in Bible study, congregational meetings that they need to travel to, and the door to door ministry. They get 2 weeks a year as a vacation, but have to have their family or congregation pay their travel expenses back home. If they can't go home, they are stuck there. They used to work for a minimum hitch of four years, but that has since been relaxed I believe.

    He must think I'm crazy to tell him a story like this. When I look at it, it doesn't seem believable at all.

    OH MY! It just hit me. I WAS RAISED IN A RELIGIOUS CULT! This is absolutely incredible.

    Tammy <=== pinching herself

  • Trauma_Hound

    Well if your worried, you could always give him the links to ex-jw sites about it. ;)

  • patio34

    Hi Tammy,

    Great points! I was seeing a therapist (for another reason), but I asked her, what do you think about my becoming a JW as an adult and what was WRONG with me.

    She asked me how old I was when I enlisted and what was my life like then. Considering that, it was much more understandable. She assured me that it was highly unlikely that it could ever happen again as Im (we all are) a different person now than 28 years ago.


  • minimus

    I always wonder what therapists must think of JW's. That's why for decades the Society frowned on going to worldly therapists for help.

  • Joyzabel


    Get back to the point of you being in therapy. It's not to educate your therapist,(send him/her to sites like Trauma Hound said) but to get you help. Let him/her do the homework to help you. It's your time and your money, use it wisely.

    Hears to healing!



    ps, it is amazing to hear what we were part of! I was there when it was $14 dollars a month. (can you spell I D I O T? I can, hehe)

  • You Know
    You Know

    Why should your shrink think that's crazy? Actually millions of young men have left home, some voluntarily, others conscripted, they have shaved their heads and have gone through months of tortuous boot camp, just to learn how to go kill other people in far away lands. For low pay I might add. In spite of how dangerous and crazy the military experience seems, there are those who have strong convictions that their country is right and that they are willing to kill and to be killed for their country. Jehovah's Witnesses have similar convictions in our faith, only we direct our efforts into more peaceful pursuits. Too, other young people join the Peace Corp and are willing to live in poverty in some 3rd world nation in order to do what they feel is right. What's so crazy about that? / You Know

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  • minimus

    YOU KNOW, how do you justify communicating on these boards when "the slave" says you shouldn't?

  • You Know
    You Know

    YOU KNOW, how do you justify communicating on these boards when "the slave" says you shouldn't?

    The way I understand it, it is a conscience matter. / You Know

  • minimus

    ARe you serious? Or is this like standing for the national anthem?

  • larc

    I think I am loosing my mind. I agreed with You Know, again. This is the third time in a row.

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