London Bethel Raided by Police

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  • Satanus

    Well, there you go then, it wasn't bethel, it was brothel. It wasn't last week, it was last century. Just a couple of small errors, otherwise perfectly acurate. Nothing rumourous about this thread at all. lol


  • jst2laws

    Well you all got me so curious I had to go out in service this morning just to work with sister Amanda Mouth. She always has the latest. She says it's all true. Really!

    Here's the scoop: The London Bethel was built on the site of the old Charles Hammond house off Tottemham Court Road, famous in the 1880's as a homosexual brothel. Apparently the London police were disconcerted to find the site once again occupied by several hundred young single men who fit the description of male prostitutes (a common mistake among Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses).

    So they raided the site again. It has not been reported what they found as yet. Amanda promises to keep me posted.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Drat and all this time I thought it was Ringo just trying to throw the blame on one of the other guys

  • Liberated

    This is definitely just a rumor.

    I emailed a friend in England and this is his reply:

    "I don't believe the Watchtower here has been raided, I guess we would
    heard by now if it had...Take it as a rumour. The Watchtower would make
    noise than us ex's if they had been raided! You know how they like to
    everyone know how extremely persecuted they are! Police raids would be
    exciting for them.
    I do know a friend of ours has just had a letter back from the
    that states police have the rights to obtain criminal material that
    religious organisations such as the Watchtower try to keep hidden, this
    would obviously call for raids etc...maybe that's were the rumour

    Paul posted that it was a rumor he heard. His site is legit.


  • amac

    And what is the name of this so-called friend of yours in England? Does he know Paul?

  • gumby

    Drat and all this time I thought it was Ringo just trying to throw the blame on one of the other guys

    It was Ringo!

    Ringo was tired of being in the back all the time while the other guys got all the girls.He got to sing only a couple of songs......"Yellow submerine,".... and "your sixteen,your beutiful and your mine" (He was like 48 when he sang it).....anyway.....he got pissed and was resposible for raiding the London thing or what ever the hell this thread was about!

    He got pissed one day and went off!

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