London Bethel Raided by Police

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  • dmouse

    Well I'm Dean from England and it wasn't me, so how many people are left?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Panorama was shown 14th July and we heard shortly after that the police were very interested! I received a phone call last night, 19th Aug 2002 saying that there had been a report on the radio stating that the Watchtower in London had been raided by the police! More updates as news comes in!

    And now for something completely different. The birth of an urban legend.

  • SPAZnik

    "by george" and "john paul". LOL.

    lmao. this is my new favorite thread.

    thank u all for tickling my funny bone. i needed that.


  • Mackin
    Last thing I heard John was on vacation in New Zealand, so I somehow doubt whether it was him.

    Nope, John's not been to New Zealand Since the Panorama program aired. He was here earlier in the year though. Or was that Paul??? No, I'm pretty sure it was John.

    Hillary, you do mean the John from England don't you???


  • LoneWolf

    It's definitely John. However he doesn't usually capitalize his name, except in other variations or aliases, such as Big John or Port-a-John.

    I'm not too fond of him though, as usually his sink is too low.


  • Faraon

    Are you sure it wasn't London's B ro thel raided?


  • Englishman

    There is a Jonathon in England. I think. It might be Wales though.


  • ballistic

    Jon from Wales!!!! E-man! It's a small world!!!!! Wow!

  • ballistic

    A search for the above does turn up quite a lot including this:

    Most famous homosexual brothel in 19th century England

    This brothel was opened by a certain Charles Hammond around 1884 in a house off the Tottenham Court Road. It was soon doing well and included a number of aristocratic and well-to-do homosexuals. It was suspected that one of the clients was the 25-year-old Prince Eddy, later Duke of Clarence, eldest son of the Prince of Wales. One speciality in this establishment was the "telegraph boy", willing both to sleep with customers and to deliver telegrams; they earned a few shillings a week by all their efforts! Eventually the police raided the place. Hammond escaped but Veck (a 40-year-old clergyman) and Newlove (an 18-year-old clerk) were given four months and nine months in jail respectively.

    From The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records.
    1974, 1982, 1997-2001 G.L. Simons
  • hillary_step
    There is a Jonathon in England.

    There is also a Jonathan, but he is unrelated to either Jonathon or John and from what I understand he has never been a JW. I am actually rather aPaulled by this disgusting attempt to blacken the name of this poor Englishman - honest to John I am.


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