To spank or not to spank?

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  • plmkrzy
    Did I hit a nerve? Are you really ashamed of the barbaric manner in which you raise your kids? Is that the reason you've stooped to using profanity in this discussion? Professor? Ha Ha. Who do you teach, and more importantly, who is foolish enough to take anything you say seriously?

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    There was no passing judgment, not on my part anyway.

    I did read the thread and for me the above response of yours pretty much explains a lot.
    It just seemed to me that you were trying very very hard to do exactly that. Hit a nerve and you were not going to stop until you did. IMO.
    So if you wish to call me bias by all means be my guest it makes no difference to me.
    Try and have a pleasant day and hopefully you dont treat your kids with the same verbal techniques as you do on the board at times.


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  • 144001

    mevirginia - More accusations, and as usual, nothing to back them up. Do you really believe that folks are foolish enough to take your baseless accusations and the "projection" of your frigidity on to others seriously? I'm happy you'll be ignoring me, as I don't really value your conversation. Maybe if, and when, you graduate you'll possess greater wisdom and humility? Time will tell.

    plmkrzy - -

    And calling Larc a barbarian is a bit radical he didn't deserve that, thats pretty sad. I do not agree with slapping someone in the face but none of us were there and to call someone a barbarian for speaking publicly of an incident is a bit ridicules. - - PLMKRZY

    You claim that "there was no passing judgment, not on [your] part anyway." However, in the above quote, you stated your judgment that Larc didn't deserve to be called a barbarian and falsely characterized the basis for my statements as being due to Larc's act of publicly speaking of his disciplinary tactics. So here, you have judged my comments as being "undeserved" while at the same time trying unsuccessfully to misrepresent what my comments were. Your bias is apparent and your attempts to deny it are disingenuous at best.

    plmkrzy, I no longer have any respect for you (and could care less what you think of that), and as for your advice on child rearing, please take it and shove it up your a_ _! I bet there's plenty of space there.

    Both of you exhibit the tendencies I hated most when I was forced to go to the meetings. It appears that you left the kingdom hall, but the kingdom hall never left you.

  • plmkrzy

    Holy Cow YEEEEEEEHA!

    two words:



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  • larc

    Yep, Plm, I do think that our dear pacifist friend, known as 144001, does have a major anger management problem. Somone mentioned projection as the defense mechanism. I think it is reaction formation.

  • proplog2

    Spanking doesn't teach kids right & wrong. It teaches kids that they have to be careful when dealing with people who have more power than they do. That is a very valuable lesson.

    There are authorities in this world that will beat you up if you confront them. Rules are expected to be obeyed and ignorance is not considered an excuse by powerful governing authorities.

    Spankings should be preceded by a "trial" where the kid has a chance to defend his case. The kid should be given the chance to defer the trial if he agrees to immediately cease the offensive behavior. Pain and fear are the best teachers. If the kid knows you love them the pain is more effective.

    I got four spankings in my life. Two from my dad for 2 separate temper tantrum where I kicked a hole in the wall. Two I got from a teacher - pushing a classmates head down when they were drinking out of a fountain and picking my nose in class (i don't think I deserved that one).

    I have gotten beat up several times by neighborhood bullies.

  • Mac

    May I just have my spanking, please, so I can leave?

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Oy Vey! The turns this thread has taken!

    What'll it be, Mac, paddle or hand??

    AGAIN, a child's WHOLE life has to be taken into account. One cannot predict whether or not a child is going to turn out to be a well adjusted adult by whether or not they were spanked. Too many things must be considered.

    I do take issue with ONE swat being considered "violence". For the reason that it trivializes REAL violence.To put a swat on the tush in the same category as a beating, that has caused injury, only adds to the polarization on both sides of the argument.

    I'm all for more creative types of dislipline. Especially for older children. I used to listen to Dr. Laura a lot before she became a religious zealot. I remember her relating a story about what she did when her son, who was about 7 or 8 at the time, lied to her. She informed him that for the next week she was going to tell him lies. She wouldn't tell him when, though. So, they were out one day and she said to him "I am going to take you to McDonald's for lunch"! Her son was very excited because he LOVES McDonald's French fries. Lunch time came and her son inquired as to when they were going to McDonald's. Dr. Laura says to him, "Oh we're not going, I lied!" Her son began to cry, but got the message loud and clear that lying hurts.

    Mean, huh?

    According to my son, I am MEAN. Even said it in front of a bunch of people.

    I posted it here.


  • 144001

    First this:

    144001, listen you prick. - - Larc

    Then this:

    Yep, Plm, I do think that our dear pacifist friend, known as 144001, does have a major anger management problem.-- Larc


    Res ipsa loquitur

  • larc

    144001, I didn't say that I didn't have an anger management problem. I do. However, my anger peaks and then it is over. Yours, however, goes on and on and on. By the way, I am grinning as I write this. Lookie, I am not going to change your mind, and you are not going to change mine. Give me an update after your daughter gets through her teens, and then tell me how it all turned out. As I have said many times here, I have three adult kids and all three of them are nice people. They are intelligent, polite, and sociable, so there.

  • back2dafront

    Okay people, listen.

    Anyone who thinks spanking is an act of violence obviously shouldn't spank their kids.

    Spanking is not intended to be violent - it's intended to teach a lesson not to do it again. If done properly, it leaves no marks physically, emotionally or psychologically and the pain is temporary - very temporary. The lesson learned, however, is hopefully far more reaching. Yes, you can be sued for striking an individual, but honestly, and everyone knows it, most people use that as a monetary gain. If someone slaps you, the only thing that is really hurt is your pride and you know it.

    Some kids never need a spanking. Some do.

    A parent and only the parent is the ONLY one in a position to determine what method is best for their child. Whichever method they choose should NOT be abusive, whether that be physically or verbally. Discipline can be administered with love, whether that be verbally or physically, and that comes from one who has received and administered loving discipline from authoratative figures.

    Kids that are spanked do not necessarily grow up to be violent. I was spanked, often times i felt it was borderline abuse, but nonetheless, i'm the least-violent adult ever now.

    Comparing a spanking to slapping a co-worker or spouse who doesn't listen is totally absurd - there's NO COMPARISON. It's something directly associated with the upbringing of children. They aren't old enough to determine right from wrong, and so they need an authoritative figure to teach this to them, and spanking is a way to enforce it if necessary.

    So a parent should use his or her intuition and discretion in determining what form of discipline is best for their child. Anyone who thinks they have the right to state that a parent is abusing their kid if they spank them (properly <on the buttocks> and unabusively) needs to be quiet, for they are not in a position to make such a statement.


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