I told a MS EVERYTHING today!

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  • meat pie
    meat pie

    This old chap is quite sweet really, and I wasn't going to say anything much.I studied with him and his daughter and they are neighbours, but there was just us two in my house (!) and it all came pouring out.I get sick of the 'when are you coming back'...'what else is there'... where else would you go' questions, and I don't even know what started it, it was a bit of a blur, I went on for at least an hour and 'brought out the following points'

    Have you had your new blood card yet? ( I'll come back to that later)

    Why should I lower my standards to go to a religious meeting?( This is a whole other thread)

    The Watchtower and the Bible are two different things, he agreed,Jesus said 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life', not 'They are the ...Truth...etc' WT just wants obedience to it's man made rules, there are enough laws in the Bible without making up anymore.He agreed shunning was bad, but said he wouldn't talk to a DF'd person on spiritual matters, WHY NOT? no coherent reply.

    The structure of the RC Church similar to WT, Bunch of mainly anonymous guys at the top set all the rules, proscribed reading, etc.

    Had he seen Panorama? NO, I have a vid, no thanks.He said ' it was handled badly' I said if you saw Ted J in the street you'd want to slap him. well I would!

    I went on about a lot of stuff to do with 'cleaning the cup on the outside', corruption not just at congregation level, but all the way up, deep breath...did he know about the UN? No, so I told him the whole thing, he tried to make excuses, where did I get that info etc, I told him it could be verified, I could prove it,I have it all in writing,did he want to see it, did he want me to prove it? did he want to believe it? embarrassed, he said No, he didn't WANT to believe it. Exactly, I said most JWs wouldn't want to believe it and would be happy to believe any excuse they were told.

    I said I didn't need to go back to the meetings and just because some things were wrong in other orgs didn't make the WT right.

    He said I was making too much of it ! No! people have died and are dying upholding rules of the WT when they themselves are secretly breaking there own rules to protect themselves against litigation and/or to protect property and money and power.Jesus said He had nowhere to lay His head, so why does the WT need so much stuff? To distribute all these mags.! It went on in this vein for a long time and he tried to change the subject, i mentioned how the WT brings out 'new light' to cover themselves for stuff thats been going on for ages to try to save themselves, referring to Ciro A's talk/ signing up to the UN ideals. Bunch of hypocrites!

    No, I said I don't need to belong to an organization that teaches people to distrust people who are not JWs, that's biggotry.Who are the GB anyway? did he know? No. Who gets to be in the 'Society' same answer.

    The WT tells people not to look at the internet because it exposes their lies and hypocrisy.

    Oh, and about the blood card, I could not prove it but I think he will get some 'new light' on that as well....

    No thanks I did not need a corrupt organization of lying, hypocrite biggoted blasphemers.

    ' Well, would you still like me to bring the mags?'

    I went on and on and ended up with chest pains, maybe it was the relief. I said I didn't want to hurt him,but I new his family had put up with a lot of rubbish from the Org and by letting it happen they let it continue, my conscience would not allow that sort of thing.

    We parted on friendly enough terms but I don't know what to expect now!


  • Joyzabel

    WOW, good for you meatpie to stand up and say what is on your mind and in your heart.

    Isn't it amazing how the blinders keep the R&F saying the same things over and over again so that they don't really listen to what you have to say (i.e. do you still want the mags?)

    Maybe, just maybe you let a little light into your neighbor's brain to start thinking about what you said days from now.

    Now, go have a glass a wine and be at peace with yourself.



  • Simon

    Wow Meat Pie ... you let loose a lot of ammo there !

    Hope he thinks about what you said and considers it

  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Thanks Joy and Simon, I rarely drink but I just might dig out the old cooking sherry!

  • LB

    I have a feeling this MS didn't go home and tell everyone what an encouraging return visit he had today. He wishes he had stayed away.

    You did cut loose with a ton of firepower.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    'AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE' .... That took guts meatpie, to be so open. BIG slap on the back to you ... the TRUTH only hurts the ignorant. After the shot of red-eye, keep looking and moving forward, the momentum will keep you going.

    Well Done!

  • freeman



  • imanaliento

    I'm sure they'll try again at a later date after they learn new parrot lines. Just tell them your happy not to be associated with a pedophile (or bloodguilty) place.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Congratulations! You certainly gave him a lot to think about. Perhaps you "planted a seed".

  • freedomhouse3


    I think the best thing you can hope for in the MS is his enlightenment. Perhaps you've planted a seed of hope for this man and that perhaps he was waiting to hear voiced the doubts that HE ( the MS) has been harboring. Time will tell.

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