I told a MS EVERYTHING today!

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  • minimus

    MEATPIE, I hate to tell you this, but, he's going to tell the elders and you know what will happen next.

  • LittleToe

    Hi Meatpie:
    I would love to have seen that - you seemed so mild, when we met!!!

    If you want to call, I think I gave you my number, didn't I?

    Minimus is right when he highlights what may hapen next, but I suspect that you've had enough and are about ready for any consequences.

    Way to go!!!

  • Mary

    Good for you Meat Pie! I thought his one response hit the nail on the head: 'No, [he] didn't WANT to know....."

    Like I said before, THIS is the whole problem with any cult. These people are brainwashed to THINK a certain way----end of story. To those who are very active in this religion, to have to face the fact that the leaders may NOT have God's spirit upon them is so totally overwhelming that they simply can't deal with it. They'd have too much to lose.

    Let's face it: you lose the social aspect---a huge blow to many, you could lose your family, plus if you come to the realization that you've wasted years going to 5 meetings a week and out banging on doors, then THAT'S not a very nice prospect to contemplate either. Very disturbing to many.

    Then of course the biggest blow would be to realize that you WILL grow old in this System of Things, and you will die some day. That, to many, is the ultimate in betrayals and one they are not willing to sacrifice.

  • Faraon


    If you are having second thoughts, just play silentlamb and ask for your two witnesses!

  • Swan
    We parted on friendly enough terms but I don't know what to expect now!

    It sounds like you did well. His cognitive dissonance kicked in a couple of times, but the seeds have definitely been planted. Maybe when the new light on blood comes out, he will realize that you were right about that and wonder what else you were right about. Let's hope so.


  • garybuss


    The old chap is probably like my father. He is a Witness because his mother was one. Eighth grade education, ignorant, superstitious, and afraid Jehovah will kill him like his mother taught him unless he remains faithful to the Watch Tower Society because he believes God is using it to publish his will on his schedule.

    He reveres *the truth* and he likes being a Witness. He likes the quick builds and is proud to be a part of it all. He is proud of the printing facilities and the farms and sees his work for them as counting for something. He sees it all as real and important with an excuse or a justification for every disconfirmation imaginable. He sees his life of drudgery and ritual service and routine meetings as the best life he could have ever had. He has stayed a Witness in spite of every reason in the world to quit. He sees himself as knowledgeable because he can look up all sorts of things in the Watchtower Index and he sees himself as honest and loyal. He is proud of himself.

    I let him into my home and he studied with my sons and taught them I am a bad association and now they shun me and he shuns me too and it is all in the name of God and religion and Jesus. Just an old chap in a suit carrying a bookbag carrying a virus worse than any disease known to medical science.


  • Faraon


    now they shun me and he shuns me too and it is all in the name of God and religion and Jesus. Just an old chap in a suit carrying a bookbag carrying a virus worse than any disease known to medical science.

    It seems that if a virus is infecting your children, it is time to quarrantine them. It is your father or your children. I would definitely protect my children from him and forbid him from entering your home.
    Now is the time to shun HIM.

    It is also time to counteract and lovingly read to your children antiWT/bible literature. Take them to fun activities and always, always talk to them pleasantly and very frequently.

    Teach them logic and how to think independently. There are many Internet sites that will show you and them fallacies in reasoning. Key number one is to do it with love and taking your time. Most of us join the Borg because we are going through tough times and relatives that seem upright but will drop you over their religion. Time to turn the tables on them.

    You can also turn him in by saying that he is discussing religion with you. Franz was disfellowshipped for eating with an apostate.

  • professor

    Good show MP. I can't believe they don't know about the UN. Incredible!

  • Dia

    'Where else would you go?', 'What else is there?'

    Their sweeping cynicism toward the entire world and everyone else's desire to commune with God (all of God's 'other' children) is earth shattering. (Or just shattering).

    Have a look at this site. Once you get past the first two pages (the study summaries), there are some really excellent observations about JWs. (Start with the section on 'why are problems so great?')


    It ignited some compassion in me for them.

    If your friend is smart, he won't report you. He will just quietly keep it under his hat. Afterall, you are his neighbor. And he MIGHT be thinking.

    You could impress him with your ability to foretell the future by letting him know that if he tries to check out the things you mentioned, they will probably want to kick you out. And if he persists in looking for a straight, reasonable answer, they will kick him out, too.

  • teejay

    I hate to say this and please don't take it wrong, but your ms friend is a numbskull.

    After all you told him, after ranting like a madman for what must have been an hour about the corruption, lying, hypocrisy of the organization, he goes, "Well, would you still like me to bring the mags?"


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