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  • SYN

    OMG, Mary, what a brill idea, my old KH will be getting some rather...exciting phone calls this evening

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I'd be surprised (since I've never been a DUB).

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  • HadEnuf

    Either hire a lawyer, call 911 or spit in their eye

  • Preston
    If the elders went after you, what would you do?

    Strip! :D

  • minimus

    Many have said they would legally go after them. Will a lawyer really be able to stop things....or is this wishful thinking now, in view of how they have handled Bill Boewn and friends?

  • DazedAndConfused

    I would laugh in their faces and say "You can't touch this!" I have been out for 7 years next month. For years I had terrible nightmares about Armageddon. I would have daymares whenever there were monsoon storms. Here in Arizona we have them for 3 months out of the year. Since I have become more secure in my decision to leave, and more secure in the fact that they are ABSOLUTELY wrong....life is much better. Right now, I feel that the consequences of family shunning me does not matter. IF they did, I could forgive because they are just as misinformed as I was while I was in.

    Which brings up another point. I see so many who want to get their families out, no matter what. I WANT my family out and would host a huuuuuuuuuuugggggggeeeeeeeee party if it happened. But I have come to learn in my heart that no matter what....no matter how insane....no matter how "out there" a religion is...I feel it is not wrong. If something brings you closer to God and makes you a better person for it...That is all God asks for.

  • teenyuck

    I like Dakota's letter.

    I think the lawsuit frightens them.

    Recently my mom had my DFd sister stay with her. About 1 week before, one of the elders (a plumber who came to fix something in her home) told her that they were concerned that she was having a DFd relative stay and were thinking of forming a JC.

    I sent her the elder manual I got online, I had her send it to her attorney and she mentioned this casually to the plumber. She never heard a word from them.

    They are terrified of the law and the "discovery" required in a lawsuit. Discovery is what every civil lawsuit requires. You show you were "hurt" and you and your attorney can demand all kinds of documents from the defendant. There is NO WAY the WTBTS is going to allow any records be shown in court.

    No matter what you did or how "bad" you were, always threaten a lawsuit.

    If you were not "bad" and just want to walk away and they won't let you, threaten a lawsuit. There are sooo many ways to make them back off. If they tell you they are going to announce you are DF or DA, threaten a lawsuit. They will be defaming your name and you will lose credibility, etc. No threat will be taken lightly by the cowards at the KH.

  • gumby

    I would go up and grab one of them by the butt and pull himm close and say......"see what happened when you kicked me out.....I became gay you bastard!"

    Not really!

    I would be kind and ask them so many questions they couldn't answer...... they would be gone in a short time with some GOOD seeds planted for them to think about.

    Actually if you stay calm.......ask some good questions based on their publications.........you may get through to some. It happens all the time. I have always believed in being kind no matter what. They are as braindead as we were......you always have to remind yourself of that!

  • Bendrr

    If they came after me now? Bring 'em on! I'm well armed and have a license to carry concealed. And the reason you always see me smiling is because I'm trigger-happy.

    The Empire knows full well how big the "apostate" community is on the internet. It's only a matter of time before they decide to try to stifle it one way or another. It takes no big stretch of the imagination to realize that they may "go after" prominent "apostates" in one way or another. Bill Bowen has spoken of trespassing, vandalism, and threats. I wouldn't put anything past some of the hardliners.

    Keep your guard up y'all.


  • Trauma_Hound

    "Don't get me angry, you wouldn't like me if I'm angry!" And walk away.

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