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  • BadJerry

    I'll let you know soon. My wife, three sons, and I left this weekend and have no plans of returning. Sent letters to elders and "friends". The friends have called, but no elders - oops spoke too soon - bookstudy elder is calling - gotta love caller id - better go. Will write more about us soon...

    The BadJerry

  • Elsewhere

    Since I am in no way affiliated with their little bOrganization, if they "came after" me it would require them to engage in stalking behaviors, trespass on my private property or some other illegal activity. Either way, I would file charges.

  • JT

    can you say filing LAWSUIT

    IN SO MANY CASES were the word lawsuit is mentioned the Service Dept has instructed the elders to back down

  • FiveShadows

    last i heard...they were after me.......of apostacy....and i'm chilling in texas going to a few concerts..~FS

  • Satanus

    I'ld tell em to fffffarkel off, with lots of spit in between the f's. (Since he's is a god i can use his name in vain, can't i?)


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  • Mary

    I've always been a big believer in getting even with people who piss me off LOL!!!

    If the elders came after me and DF'd me for some imagined slight, the first thing I'd do is to put ads in dirty magazines like "Married man, seeking kinky sexual encounters with anyone who stands upright. Will pay handsomely to have two men handcuff me to the bed and have their way with me. I will scream as loud as you like, but don't stop as I secretly love it!" I'd then give their home phone number or even better, give them the number to the local Kingdom Hall and ask them to call Tuesdays or Thursdays between 7:30pm - 9:00pm. :-)

    Or, even worse, I'd put a "Happy Birthday" greeting of some other elder in the local newspaper and sign it by one of the elders that had DF'd me................

    Oh ya........don't even get me started.................

  • Elsewhere

    [Slowly tip-toes away from Mary with a nervous grin]

  • Mum

    They have been after me. This was about 20-21 years ago. I was polite. I evaded answering questions I did not want to answer. My minor child was still exposed to JW indoctrination. I went to meetings in order to see her and so that my ex would think I was still "interested in the truth." I did what I felt I had to do at the time.

    If they were after me now, I would keep a recording device loaded at all times, get down every filthy word they said. I would not meet with them without independent witnesses and/or an attorney. If they kept harassing me, I would file charges. I would tell them that there is nothing regarding me that is any of their business. If they wouldn't go away, I would call the police.

  • freedomhouse3

    I would start cross-examining them on their distorted history (segregation, Hitler, & ect.). Then I would pronounce them GUILTY of lying and DISFELLOWSHIP Them from MY life until THEY repented. I will eventually do this for real but that will be another story.

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  • Lieu

    Personally, I would first spray the "brothers" with my can of 10% pepper mace... (seasoning)

    while they are blind and misguided by the darkness I would use a brand new three cell Maglight to strike their foreheads and limbs because I know JWs are into "new lights"..and I wholeheartedly want to help them "see the light"... (tenderizing)

    then I would give their bodies to OUTLAW to put in his freezer as he fires up the BBQ grill.

    I firmly believe that we should properly season and tenderize before having people for dinner.......

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