Ozzie's Weekend Poll #16

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  • zev

    in the spirit of the 10 comandments,

    i issue forth commandment number 14.

    thou shalt stop after an hour of "preaching" for coffee and breakfast.

    that ends todays commandments.

    g'day ozzie

  • ozziepost

    Ah yes, Zev, we heard about that commandment downunder too!

    The brothers tried real hard to obey! (like the good legalists they'd been trained to be!)

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • alfie

    Ah yes. Zev stole my thunder. The coffee break, what a great way to witness. We'd leave a copy of the WT&Awake lying conspicuously on the table and hope other patrons might ask for them.

    I remember aux. pioneering once and spent three hours with som reg pioneers having a"pioneer breakfast" That was the easiest three hours I ever got.



  • jack2

    Coffee break, and talking with some nice householders.

    Funny how the jws say that they are doing "God's work" and the try all kinds of techniques, like some of those mentioned, to make that work more bearable. That's the whole problem - preaching the WTS way is normally not bearable for most people, so they have to take long breaks, run errands, etc.

    And for kids? I have seen so many examples of parents having to bait their kids into the ministry with promises of a donut break. Sometimes, as soon as we would get into the car after the meeting for service, the poor kids would ask about donuts and break.

  • Joyzabel

    # 3

    As a jw teen it was very important to hook up with your friends for service and plan what you were going to do for the rest of the weekend.

    As an adult, it was still basically the same. Service was only enjoyable with people I enjoyed being with, especially at the coffee breaks.


  • joeshmoe

    # 3

    I loved putting together a group of slackers like myself. It was a pretty pathetic excuse for "theocratic activity", but we were just following the rules and riding the treadmill...no thinking required.

  • outnfree

    Well, # 2 resulted in # 3, so I'd have to say # 2. But it did make a difference if you were actually assigned to work with publishers you actually liked....


  • meat pie
    meat pie

    No.1 is what I thought would really happen, I was soon dissappointed and settled for number 4.

    I even suggested we didn't call at some really super-dooper houses so 'they wouldn't get the truth and I bags their house'

    I think I was joking.

    Sadder still , both at meetings and on ministry, the best thing was the gossip, and I did't like myself very much for that either.

  • Princess

    Before we were married, Steve used to pick me up on Sundays (I worked Saturdays) to go in service. More often then not, we would go out to breakfast and skip service altogether. That was my favorite part of service...dating.


  • Mulan


    For me, #2, #3, and #8 coffee breaks. I hated it when I was in a group that didn't approve of taking breaks. I usually forced the issue. You would have to know me, to get that.

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