Ozzie's Weekend Poll #16

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  • rosalyn

    #8 the coffee breaks and I do like people but I can't remember what number that was for.

    I suppose some did letter writing in lieu of going door to door?

    I remember one pioneer mentioning to me. "If you take 10 minutes to type or write a letter and then photo copy it 10 times does that mean you have 110 minutes in.?" He really was fun to be around and so ingenious sometimes. So that would count as enjoying time with other publishers. Can't remember the number for that one either.

    Anyways getting back to the letter writing pioneering brother he had to get a tow truck to pull my big Laurentian Pontiac from a ditch....and even paid the tow. He always counted as an A+ in my books. Ooopps my mind is wandering again.....sorry

    So what motto did you take: "count time" or "make time count?" Show of hands people?Just curious

    Ozzie this really is a rhetorical question. Not trying to start another poll


  • SpiderMonkey

    #3, Ros... "invent time"

  • ozziepost

    It really seems as tho' the coffeee breaks were a great attraction, doesn't it?

    Strange that here in the land of Oz, coffee breaks are officially discouraged as being something that are not fitting for true Christians.

    Despite this, a few C.O.'s have encouraged it, but at Bethel even they are viewed somewhat askance.

    Perhaps we are rather conservative after all, eh?

    Cheers, Ozzie

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  • zenpunk

    I liked knocking on a few not-at-homes, then driving to the farthest territory, parking the car and walking it (it was very rural, so if you knocked on 10 more houses the entire day you were doing well). Then there was that late afternoon study. I had one study that used to make me dinner.

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