Ozzie's Weekend Poll #16

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Phew! Hasn't it been hot lately?! Feel like a rest?

    Well, put your feet up and let's have a bit of light relief with this weekend's poll.

    This weekend's question is:

    What did you like most about house-to-house witnessing?

    1. Talking to people at the doors

    2. Not talking to people at the doors. (those Not-at-Homes! )

    3. Talking to the other publishers.

    4. Selecting the best house to move into after Armageddon.

    5. 'Getting your hours in'.

    6. Using up your 'free time'.

    7. Loved the exercise.

    8. Anything else you can think of!

    Select any of the above. Remember one selection only is allowed.

    We have ways of making you comply! (That's a joke!!!!)


    For previous polls, go to this link:


    Cheers, Ozzie

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  • WildHorses

    None of of the above. I always looked for ways to get out of going.

  • ozziepost

    Dear Sister Lilacs,

    Your request for an additional question to this week's poll has been referred to the Writing Department who tell us that the loving organisation have added a question to the poll in heartwarming response to your request.

    It behooves you to add question #9 which reads: "None of the above".

    We send our love and greetings.

    Your brothers in the posting service,

    Ozzie & Posters Society

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Do jws really covet other peoples' homes and consider that they should be rightfully theirs?


  • DakotaRed

    I have to admit going out in service was a big disappointment to me. SInce I came in fairly late compared to most others, I had heard about all the time spent doing "God's Work," and looked forward to it. I was even told to wear comfortable shoes as we would be doing a lot of walking.

    So, first time out, we go to a neighborhood, stop at a few doors and then head for the nearest Burgerville, where we met up with all the other dubs out in service. We sat there drinking coffee and such for nearly a half an hour, then back to teh neighborhood, where we stopped a few more house. By noon, we headed home. In all, with driving time and coffee break, we spent maybe an hour and fifteen minutes out.

    I should have seen the hypocrisy in the claims then, but as a good little dubbie myself, didn't.

    So, I can't say I ever really enjoyed anything in field service. Of course, always being told you weren't doing enough, by those that take more coffee breaks than others, didn't help either.

    Lew W

  • wasasister

    Do jws really covet other peoples' homes and consider that they should be rightfully theirs?

    Not all, but enough that it has become a well-known cliche.

    #1 with a qualifier: talking to some people at the doors. I really enjoyed talking to people who would actually ask questions and converse. I learned how to think on the fly, a skill that has helped me greatly in my post door-to-door life.

  • ozziepost

    Not a Dub, eh, Paduan?

    Never mind, welcome aboard!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • StinkyPantz

    Definitely #2

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Would a paduan be a dub? Thanks ozzie - from an ozzie.


  • Tish

    Besides all of the above, us sister's used to like to bitch about the decorating in other's homes then fight for the right to own the luvly country homes, of course I won Buckingham Palace as it's closer to the shops!

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