I beg you all..........

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  • puzzled

    To ROBDAR: Please read carefully


    and why?

    There was no sign saying

    It is the only case at this moment pending in court with publicity That serves as a reminder to the silliness of what has been going on here for the past two days. PERIOD

    Below Quotes are from Trauma-Hound

    There is not one link on here to any rules.

    Even though he was shown several times they were not CLEAR ENOUGH TO SATISFY HIM.

    What rules, they are made up as they go along. There is not one link on here to any rules. Again I call bullshit.

    I would post a sign with those rules, however there isn't one here, and so everything is interperted by the moderators personal whims, I know I've been a victim of this, again your statement is just plain stupid, without the posters there would be no board period, end of statement.

    If you edit or change the context of my message, I will sue you for copyright violations.

    why? Because there was no sign.

    Oh and here is one you might want to remember for future reference. Just a suggestion.


    Ugg why do people like to try to twist my words around, hello? McFly?

    OK Good night all.

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  • FriendlyFellaAL

    Heaven said:

    Maybe before posting, we could take a quick look at what we've written and ask ourselves, Is this something I would want someone to tell me?

    Wonderful point, Heaven!

    Even though I'm not one of the most popular or prolific members of this board, this is something that I do before I post every single message I write.

    Blame it on my JW upbringing, but I'm still extremely conscious of the "golden rule" - Do unto others as you would have done to you. Some of the things that I've read on this board in the past have made me blush, but I've said nothing about it. I respect everyone's right to free speech, but I personally wouldn't feel comfortable saying some of those things. However, the information that I've gleaned here has opened my eyes to the hypocrisy of the WTBTS, so I overlook the items I find personally offensive.

    Frankly, if I were in Simon's shoes, I'd be more than a little uncomfortable knowing that my hard earned money went into paying for the upkeep of a board where some of the members could care less about my wishes. How many times have warnings been issued to people regarding the tone of their posts, usage of multiple IDs and the like? Now, how many times have said people actually been banned from the board?

    I'm honestly just thankful that we've got a place like this in the first place.


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  • puzzled

    AMEN BROTHER FriendlyFellaAL

    There is a line that takes one from childhood to adulthood and it's the same place wher you , hopefully, really begin to appreciate rather then just want want want.

  • Robdar

    Lilacs said: "Robdar, I understood Puzz post as saying it was an example"


    You could be right. I am half crazed on pain medication right now. I will bow out. Thanks for your comments.



  • Solace

    Friendly Fella or puzzled, I thought it was a good point and also one that I need to work on. It doesnt take much to provoke me and I have had my fair share of blushing moments.

    & what do you mean you arent popular? I love your friendly posts.

    Edited because with this format, Im sorry but Im not sure Friendly or Puzzled was addressing me.

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  • Simon

    puzzled ... just edited your post to correct the formatting that had gone a little askew.

  • Solace

    Thanks Simon for straightening that out. As you can see, it doesnt take much to confuse me either.

    Thanks Friendly Brian.

  • puzzled

    puzzled ... just edited your post to correct the formatting that had gone a little askew.

    Simon, Thanks and I apoligize for the mess. It's was one of those "Hot August Nights"

    Heaven & Robadr, Sorry for the yelling, and I hope we are all felling better today.

    It's Sunday here my day to do absolutely nothing but relax.


  • Mulan

    Charlie, you are such a sweet guy. (we met at Princess' apostofest). Don't take offense at this stuff. Please!! Don't leave. We like you a lot!!

  • FriendlyFellaAL
    & what do you mean you arent popular? I love your friendly posts.

    Awww, thanks Heaven...very sweet of you to say that. You just made my day.


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