Guilt by association.

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  • DakotaRed

    The truth shows the untruth of their faith and challenges what they have been taught. It's like taking a security blanket away from a small child.

    Lew W

  • seven006

    I don't drink coffee, I can't handle the caffeine. If you're not much of a drinker don't worry, I can teach you.

    As usual, you make absolutely no sense to me at all. I have always had a hard time understanding much older women. Heck, Iv had a hard time understanding all women in general, being older like you just makes me not care about trying to understand. The red words do make your response prettier and your typing skills are excellent. You must be in a good mood. Are you still having sex with that guy at the coast?


    What a great name, I wished I had thought of it. Sorry your wife is having a hard time seeing the truth about things. Have you ever thought about taking her to the top of a very tall building and hanging her upside down out a window and asking her if she really believes the JW stuff? There is noting like having a reality head rush when your hanging 500 feet up and upside down. I tried that once with my wife.....I mean ex-wife. The chick had absolutely no sense of humor.


  • docpalo

    Are we talking about those bony assed, white socked, flood knees highs pants wearing, nickle loafer scuffing, book bag carrying, bone headed, moron FECALITHS the Governing Body here. I am ashamed of you all. They are such righteous men. I mean what do expect from someone who hasn't had sex for 35 years, thinks Minnie Mouse dresses lewdley, believes masturbation causes blindness and insanity and thinks loose conduct is copping a feel or kissing for more than 16 seconds. I mean these men are Gods prophets, whadya want here? Is is not their fault, God talks to them all the time, see they're busy with God and don't have time for us mere mortals. Peace, docpalo

  • DakotaRed

    LOL, Dave. I did all the drinking I wanted years ago. Got smart and grew up. Last hangover lasted 3 days and that was in 1970

    Lew W

  • seven006


    I'm not a big drinker myself. I lived with an alcoholic girlfriend for a couple of years and it cured me of the urge to not have more than just a couple every once in a while. Please don't tell anyone I told you that, I have a reputation ya know.

    Do you shoot pool? If not, I can teach you, bring money!

    Or, we could just sit around in a bar and drink juice and talk about when we were younger and could pick up cocktail waitresses. Not that I ever did that, but we can lie to each other and pretend. OK, Iv dated a few cocktail waitresses, but they were all going to school during the day to learn how to be rocket surgeons.


  • Dia


    How tragic. College is a confusing time and grandparents don't live forever.

    Your grandfather is lucky to have you. Be sure to let him know how much you appreciate him.

    Some things come to my mind:

    Can you somehow let her know that some witnesses know all the 'rules' of the Watchtower society but they just don't take them that seriously when it comes to little things - like good people and family and such. And they're still good witnesses. They're just careful not to go blabbering a bunch of things that are really none of anybody's business. And maybe tell her to just pray about it. Because family is a gift from God and IF the witnesses are wrong on this - and they've been wrong before - then people, like your grandpa' could get really, really hurt for nothing. And she wouldn't really be able to make up for that.

    Question: Could you agree to lay off the 'apostate stuff' around her? She is, afterall, pretty young and maleable. And there is going to be lots of time in the future for more details to emerge. She doesn't have to be there for all of it. She can find it out later. And she would, hopefully, respect you one day for respecting her through this time of her adolescence.

    There's a really good example to be found in Nelson Mandela and how he handled things with his ex-wife who became a JW. LOVINGLY would describe it. With an awareness that YOU are the grown-up in this situation.

    And they need the kind of love and respect that you would give to a tiny errant child. Part ot it is just trusting that they will grow up one day.

    And not criticizing them for being a little kid. I think they just don't know any better.

    So show your Christian love and don't 'get into it' when it serves no purpose. Life is long.

    We are all of us on this site VERY passionate about our feelings about this cult. And you can ALWAYS talk to us. We understand.

    And you can always speak up publicly as it's appropriate, to join our condemning voices.

    But there's just no sense in trying to talk to rocks. In some situations you just gotta' do what needs to be done to just get through it.

    Maybe when it's all over and the pressure is off, the rocks will come around.

    Nelson Mandela was not a coward for not standing up for every wrong or right little detail every single time. Just sensible.

    It sounds like you don't really have any particular ISSUES with the JWs in your family right now. (No child molesting, etc.) It's just a matter of being outraged by their idiocy. (And their current policy, of course. You might want to point out that they can't disfellowship people who have never even joined, but that they're under a lot of pressure right now, so maybe they're saying some things they probably don't really mean.)

    We all know what it's about to be outraged and disgusted by them. We're very familiar with it. But maybe your family are not the people to take it up with. They're not the GB. Hell, one of them is only a college student.

    Let go. And let God.

    Maybe they'll come around one day just because you're having such a loving time with grandpa'. Maybe they won't.

    But love is your only weapon in that situation.

    Be patient. It took me 30 years to recognize the love that I'd missed out on.

    Trust me. It will mean a lot WHENEVER it shows up!

    By the way....

    I love your cussing style. If it's any consolation, you type 'goshdang' (whatever) but I HEAR the words you are wanting to say.

    Pretty cute.

    And yes, you do have a gift for writing. And for humor. Thanks for sharing it.

  • DakotaRed

    Dave, after approximately 8 years, 1 month and 4 days in the US Army, I do know how to shoot pool. Every single day room I ever went to had a pool table. However, I'm liable to be a bit rusty, haven't shot for many years. LOL, I might even have a beer, but will have to pass on chasing any cocktail waitresses. Wouldn't want to upset my honey

    Lew W

  • Farkel


    : Do you shoot pool? If not, I can teach you, bring money!

    I can kick your flabby and flat ass in pool. Nine ball is my game and taking your money is my pleasure.

    Rack 'em up.

    (I need some decent glasses first, though. Eddie poked my eyes out when I called her a "stupid old fat bitch who doesn't appreciate nothin'" Those females. No sense of humor at all.)

    (Inside joke between me and Dave)


  • plmkrzy

    Guilt by association.

    I am so gosh darned sexual intercourseing peed off 
    I could pull the fluffy little tails off of new born bunny rabbits 
    and shove them up my elder brothers waste management systems outlet! 
    That %#& *^%$ religion reaches in and destroys all branches of a 
    family tree and eats at the roots like a %*&$#*& fungus! 
    Is this type of thing dealing with guilt by association 
    happening to anyone else?
    ( I lost the formatting )
    My last shunning expierence I still haven't figured out. 
    But it was enough to drive me away. A sorta last straw. 
    Not everyone shunned me but it was the fact that there were those 
    who felt some perverted need to anyway.
    I was not the bad association but was "marked" as a possible bad association 
    and one to steer clear of (moo) because of whom I was associating with.
    This is the strange part. 
    Whom I was associating with was a pioneer in good standing with in the cong.
     but was considered "Bad association" So by my being friends with this person, 
    well obviously, means I must be like her enough not to like or find acceptable.
    She was "Bad association" because 
    of the "worldly" people who spoke poorly of her (ratted her out)
    She was basically a whore uh..Not sure about that word, 
    trollop in public (attitude wise).
    Get this; She was not shunned just avoided.
    I was shunned
    I dont know, maybe I was expected to know better 
    then to hang out with the likes of her?

  • seven006


    I think you have a few misconceptions involving the characters in this little drama. It is not my grandfather, it is my niece's grandfather and my dad. Her dad, my bone head brother whom I have only seen three times in the past 18 years and I have the same dad which makes him her grandfather.

    Second of all I have not seen or talked to my niece since she was two years old she is now 20 so I don't have the opportunity to say anything to her.

    Third, If I did see her I would not ask her to pray. I don't pray, I don't believe in praying, but if you like to that's absolutely fine with me.

    Forth, as far as the "apostate stuff" I don't use that term when referring to myself and the stuff I do, except for a few public instances, stays pretty much undisclosed. I have tried to back off on doing exJW stuff but I keep being dragged into it.

    Thanks for your concern and your caring post.


    Eight years in the army playing pool? OK, forget about bringing money, we'll play for the pure fun of knocking little balls into the little pockets. I guess I will have to five the waitresses a hard time myself. I didn't know you had a honey. Tell honey I am sorry for bringing it up. Ask honey if she has a sister.


    You really think I would play any kind of game that involves betting with you? Do I look stupid? First of all you probably shoot like a woman.......I mean ......little girl. Second, I would be spending all my time watching you to make sure you didn't cheat I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself. Third, I don't want to be around you and cocktail waitresses at the same time again, once was enough, I still have the scar to prove it.


    Iv seen your picture, read your posts and e-mails and I would have to say that I do understand why they thought you were bad association. You say your friend was a thinker? DO you still have her phone number? Can you give it to me?


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