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  • somebody


    I did not misread what was in the watchtwer. I quoted was was said of a person who "revealed" himself as a child molester. Under the heading, What of a Child Molester? The article states this also

    " Depending on the law of the land where he lives, the molester may well h ave to serve a prison term or face other sanctions from the State. The congregation will not protect him from this."

    Isn't hat real nice of the congregation? Not to protect the pedophile from going to jail if the State sentences he or she to serve time in prison for such a crime against CHILDREN? GET REAL! The congregation won't because they CAN"T !!! If they could, they would! It is very obvious by what they say they WILL do for this "weak brother" as you put it. They will ENCOURAGE him to take part in the theocratic ministry school and going door- to -door. Nice of them to send a KNOWN pedophile out to peoples houses in public. People that do NOT KNOW that he is a pedophile. ANd how dfo you think the victim in the Kingdom Hall feels, having to look at him and listen to him while he's up at the podium giving a speech in the Kingdom Hall?

    Belive me, I DO HATE THE SIN. But how is the WBTS' "agressive policy to protect children" protecting them? HOW ! Someone has to keep these pedophiles away from children.

    More from the article.....

    "If he seems to be repentant, he will be encouraged to make spiritual progress, share in the field service, even have parts in the Theocratic Ministry School and nonteaching parts in the Service Meeting." ..... Experience has shown that such an adult may well molest other children. True, not every child molester repeats the sin, but many do.

    Do you see anything at all wrong with this picture? They jsut said that they KNOW that MANY pedophiles MAY WELL MOLEST OTHER CHILDREN, and yet, this is what they consider doing for the protection of the children...Still fom the same article:

    "For the protection of our children, a man known to have been a child molester does not qualify for a responsible position in the congregation. Moreover, he cannot be a pioneer or serve in any other special, full-time service."

    Well how about that! What this means is that he will be encouraged to share in the field ministry, but not for as many hours that he would be able to hold the LABEL of a "full-time pioneer". Tell me please, how is that "for the protection of the children"? If I was the person's victim, I would pray that I'd NEVER see him at someones door.

    I'll stop here because I'm very upset and I don';t want to take away from the thread about Connie Chung/CNN show If you wish to contiue this, start a new thread or e-mail me please. For now, I'm going to bed.

    goodnight and sleep well.



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  • comforter


    is that all you guys can do is insult those that disagree with you. we detest abuse as much as next man. but christianity also has duty to help the sinner and those against whom the sinner sinned (jude 22-23). you cannot understand the truth cause you not spiritual. it is a waste of time to try and reason with those who not reasonable (james 3:17).

    no true free speech in this place.

    comfy love

  • comforter


    they have laws against slandering people. i told you where i stand on this issue and you keep perpetratin lies. i never said i was molestor and i resent you saying i am. if you will not listen to reason, maybe you will listen to my lawyer.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I will not insult you Comforter. However, I would like to ask you a question: why is there more emphasis placed on helping the offender rather than helping the victim? I'm talking reality, not what is written in the Watchtower. Shouldn't there be as much, if not MORE care and concern directed at helping the victim of rape/incest/abuse/pedophilia?

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  • hawkaw

    Quit lying you little bastard.

    You support Daniel Fitzwater, Manuel Beliz and Paul Berry remaining as JW in good standing even though they are rotting in jail guilty beyond a reasonable doubt which is a much higher standard than any stupid 2 witness rule.

    You support an environment that houses these sickos and you won't do anything to these men.


  • comforter

    big tex

    people in this place fail to see that comforter did not put bowen or the girls down and comforter try to keep it real. he said connie was fair. the truth is that you may be right, tex. maybe too much emphasis has been placed on helping sinner. we should aid the sinner. but the victim needs help for a long period of time. we need to learn from the past, as they say. otherwise, we will be doomed to repeat it. maybe future elders will give more attention to the victims.

    comfy keepin it real

  • sisteract

    comforter, you are a legend in your own mind i,m not saying that you are a molester. why do you bring that up?

  • comforter


    explain this

    "Oh Comfy, who is to help you with your weakness another young victim ??"


  • CoolBreeze


    You make me ill. In my opinion you are deliberately baiting genuinely concerned posters, just as your previous incarnation as Hilda/Mistykool. Your only purpose here sems to provoke dissention among the detractors of the WT. How you can live with yourself is beyond me, but I don't understand how the swine in Brooklyn can wallow in the excrement their writing and legal deptartments spew either.


  • ThatSucks

    CoolBreeze, chill man. (sorry bad joke).

    The swine in brooklyn don't have to worry 'bout this place, cause they're "Leavin' it to thuh lawyers".

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