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  • Amazing

    Outstanding !!! ... Actually, Connie was too nice to the JW leaders in her questions ... and I appreciate the two young ex-JW girls who Connie interviewed ... they were straight forward, clear, and credible ... and they did a good job making the case ... and Kudos to Bill Bowen for calling the Watchtower's statement a bold-faced lie, because that is what it is ... the Watchtower Society clearly lied as to what they say their policy is, and what has been practiced in real life. Great job !!! And the message keeps on gaining momentum while the Watchtower is in total denial.

    I totally agree, the Watchtower leaders are willful, deliberate liars acting with total malice of forthought with the pure intent of causing the greatest possible harm, showing total indifference toward victims because they only care about their publishing corporation market image ... an image that is now clearly tarnished, blackened, and stinks to the high heavens.

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    It just went off. It was good! BRAVO BILL! BRAVO HEIDI! BRAVO AMBER!

    Not only did they expose the abuse, but they got the shunning policy in there also. I hope that the WTS is shamed by their lies!! I too am a victim of this abuse. I spoke with my "mother" about it last evening and she basically blew me off. From this day forward I will not associate with anyone that supports that organization. That includes my "parents".


  • Andyman

    I couldn't have said it better Amazing!

    It was excellent, and the girls did a great job along with Bill. I just hope that sooner or later these reports start making the JW's who know all of this is true, have a change in direction and confront the issue in a big way. I know 4 elders in my area who "know" for a fact it goes on because they have been guilty of covering it up. I can only pray that they see the light and do what God really wants of them instead of covering up for the boys in New York!

    Keep up the good work Bill.


  • JosephMalik

    Good show. Now they will have to live by the lies they told which can always be thrown back in their face. And the witness rule they keep using does not apply in criminal cases. Their use of it shows how ignorant they are of scripture. What a bunch of evil men the Governing body have proven to be.


  • metatron

    really excellent - I especially appreciate the CONTEXT
    of the program - which lumps the Watchtower in with
    murderers, kidnappers, perverts and other scum of the earth
    they deserve to be mentally associated with by the public.

    Hey Watchtower lurkers! Your next stupid move is to
    disfellowship the girls AND MAKE THEM MARTYRS like Bill
    and others!


  • peaceloveharmony

    anyone tape it? i don't have cable, couldn't see it...i'll send ya a blank tape and pay for postage... :)

  • Dismembered

    Kudos Connie

  • witchywoman

    The tangled web of deceit is finally coming unraveled in public for the whole world to see. What will you do WTS? Are you going to tell some more



  • Elsewhere

    If someone can make it into an MPEG, please let me know! I have access to a hosting server with a T3.

  • Crystal

    It was great! I wish that Connie would have jumped on the part of the statement that the WT said"We excomunicate UNREPENTANT molesters" Meaning all they have to say is "Im sorry"She needs to do a follow up..about how Bill was disfellowshipped for speaking out about molest.

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