August KM Fall Out

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  • witchywoman

    As I mentioned right now I am trying to come to terms with it. For me I can do this, but in the long run she will lose. She is my daughter. But at the same time, I don`t know if I continue like this, if trying to be there for her is good for me. If I take this road I may never see any grandchildren that she may have in the future. And then again I may never see them anyway, even if I am open to her.

    The god of the WTS is a cruel monster. The board of directors that have the audacity to call themselves the GB are a bunch of stupid fools, not fit to lick my dirty feet.

    witchywoman thanks for letting me vent on this thread

  • larc

    Witchy, I think your situation is somewhat different than mine. I am retired, so whatever number of years I have left, I can live them without my sister if need be. In your case, you have many years ahead of you, and the prospect of grandchildren. I think that all you can do is tell your daughter that you love her and always will, no matter what she decides to do. This will keep the door open, and even if she cuts of contact for awhile, there is always hope for the future. At present, my sister and I have a don't ask, don't tell agreement regarding religion. It works for us. Perhaps, that would work for you and your daughter as well.

  • Francois

    This cult MUST be wiped from the face of the earth by whatever means possible.


  • Larry

    W-Pen, Thank for opening this discussion. When I first read that KM last month, I went on the offense and wrote a letter to my JW family stating I don't anything to do with them based on that KM of 8/02.

    Word got back to me saying they were all wondering how I got that information b4 them :) Hey, who was the first one to post that info. on this board?

    The one I really feel for is my younger sister. She was in the BORG since birth, and I was her only father figure for a long time (my father died when she was still in my mother's womb.) So the natural affection for family is strong with her, although she give into the pressure and didn't invite me to her wedding. Anyway, last week I took a different route to the veggie store, and I bumped into her. I didn't even know she worked in the Wall St./City Hall area. She give me the biggest hug, I mean it was a bear hug, I couldn't get out of it, and all the while she was saying "I love you, I love you." Then she said "why did you write that letter?" I said "did you read the whole thing?" and she said "Yes, but you didn't have to write that." I said "The letter explains everything." She ended it by saying "I'll call you." However, that was before her Hall discussed that KM - I doubt if she would call now. I said all of that to say, I could tell she's torn between the BORG orders and her natural love for her older brother. Hopefully one day in the future the BORG will stay out of family affairs - wishful thinking :)

    Peace - LL

  • GermanXJW

    No, theological there has been no change. But especially in Germany - where the Society is seeking registration - the PR department is saying: Nobody is being shunned.

    German PR Speaker Bernd Klar even appeared on a local TV station stating that "If I said today that I didn't want to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses, nothing at all would happen to me. My brothers would speak to me, they would come along and ask why I don't want to be a JW anymore."

    I think too many r&f JW believed the crap the PR Dep. said.

  • LovesDubs

    Im sure that the Mommie Dearest clan are saying that these are LOVING REMINDERS of what Jehoover wants of his kids...however, it is not a coincidence that this falls in line with all the adverse publicity lately. They never do ANYTHING by chance. There is a HUGE number of JWs in the borg now who werent even in 20 years ago. There is a huge turn over. You can tell by the fact that they lose 200,000 but gain 300,000 and continually inch up in population. Result? Really under-mind controlled sheep who need to be taught WHO is the boss...lest they forget.

    The only influence this organization has any more is brute force and threats. They cant hold a candle to reality or TRUTH in any of this but they "lovingly" remind the sheep what happens when they step out of LINE. Ray Franz stated in his book that the Society's impression of the sheep is that they "cant be trusted." Talk about mislayed TRUST.

  • zenpunk

    I was shunned long before this KM came out. Now my parents can sit back at the meeting with a smile and know they're doing what's right.

  • jack2

    I want to express my sorrow of course to those who have already been affected by this KM insert, like witchy for instance.

    However, the article is not scheduled for consideration at the Service Meeting until the end of the month. My guess is that when it is discussed, the fallout may indeed be even greater.

  • ignored_one

    I'm waiting for something to happen regarding this issue. My family knows that i'm expressing doubts about the whole JW religion and this I feel has led to my younger brother being less willing to associate with me. I do wonder whether this KM will make any difference. I hope not, I was never baptized so I've not made any agreement to anything. Not that this has made any difference to some members of this board's circumstances. Oh well. We shall see. I'll post something if anything comes of it.

    Ignored One.

  • blondie

    Paragraphs 1-8 week starting August 19

    Paragraphs 9-14 week starting August 26

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