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  • RedhorseWoman

    Okay, back to Waiting. She owes me a Krispy Kreme. She insults my mounting block. She insults me.....well, not so much lately because she gets involved with "quality" threads, and I've had very little time to post here. She is funny, and intelligent, and quick to offer support when needed.

    I have known her since the first day she posted here. I liked her then, and I like her now. She is a definite asset to this board, and I'm proud to have made her acquaintance.

  • wasasister

    A classic example of two people trying sincerely to explain their point of view to each other, in a common tongue, and failing miserably. It's a wonder the Tower of Bable got as high as it did.

    Now, I'm expecting Bigboi to come out and tell COMF and Teejay what they really need to do is "git bizzy wit each other."

  • teejay
    Ooooookay, that's it. I give up. If, after everything I've said so far, you're imagining that you and I are debating what's wrong with MD's manner of posting, then I have wasted a respectable amount of time here. I won't waste any more.

    What I've had to say is recorded here on the board. Twist it into whatever you like. I'm going to go read a book.


    Okay, so... I hafta tellya... I hate it when people do that. what you just did. Runaway.

    Look, COMF. I'm not mad at md. Trust me -- I understand her. I also understand that I don't like her at her present level of development--never have--a level that can be easily surpassed, if she's as bright as some folks seem to think she is. I just happen to feel that her M.O. isn't appropriate, beneficial for the majority of board members, or particularly healthy for *her*.

    No one (as far as I can tell) is twisting your words. Let's face it: md has a gutter mouth. That's it and that's all. Do I think she's beyond redemption? No. Absolutely not.

    Should people with gutter mouths and poor debating skills have carte blanche on an Internet discussion board? Again, I say "No."

    Do I think she could follow the pattern of Waiting? and, Would a majority of the JW.com crowd would be better served if she did? My answer is simple.

  • teejay

    >> Now, I'm expecting Bigboi to come out and tell COMF and Teejay what they really need to do is "git bizzy wit each other."



    Who's Bigboi?

    Never heard of the guy.

  • COMF

    Stop spurring a dead horse and get off the saddle.

  • Grunt

    Add my applause to those admiring Waiting. She is one of my favorites and despite the large number of posts each one that I have read was a good one. Waiting, and a group of high quality posters drew me to this board when it was very small, they are still among my favorites.

    It was a kinder board then. I made the mistake of voicing my opinion in a thread on evolution and some posters I always respected began calling me stupid and telling I really didn't deserve an answer. It is a shame to see people who can't make a polite response even if they totally disagree. They could learn a lot from Waiting. She was one of the first to welcome me to this board also and is always the first to welcome me back after a break. Thanks, Waiting. If you ever find yourself in Central Florida, I would love to grill something for you. I don't have the talent to cook!

    In another thread they are listing favorite posters, I think that is a good idea only I have too many to list and being senile my list would still be too short to do credit to some of the fine people who have posted here and on H20.

    I will tell you one of my favorite posts of all time though, was one of yours COMF. "A Day in the Life." I also really enjoyed your story of going to the PTA Holloween festival and perking up the kids. I kept that picture of you in the wolf suit for quite a while as it always made me smile. I never knew your brother but I know you missed your calling when you didn't become a high school teacher. You have the compassion and with all the wisdom of the Rubiyat and your music to draw from you'd have all the right answers! The main answer you seemed to give in the posts mentioned before were the ones so many need and never get, "I care" and "You can do it." Your having "done it" in so many ways is a testament to that.


  • teejay

    You sound like a Texan.

    If it weren't for my sister and folks like you, I'd hate Texans.

  • wasasister

    God, I'm gonna hate myself for getting involved on this level, but I just can't let this one go by.

    Teejay, there is a huge difference between "running away" and simply realizing that one is wasting time responding when no progress is being made. You know the expression, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and execting different results"? (Yes, it is proper to put the punctuation outside the end-quote in this instance.)

    COMF and I quite often disagree; in fact, we have found we frequently misunderstand each other's meaning. However, in this case his intention to leave this thread is clear to me and probably most everybody else. Running away is what "comforter" and "Fred Hall" do when they are losing an argument. Stating you position many times, in several different ways, quoting examples, explaining motives, etc. does not qualify as abandoning a thread.

    I hope he's enjoying his book. In fact, I think I'll do the same. There's supposed to be a meteor shower later and I hope you all get a look.



    PS, where is Bigboi when we need him?

  • Grunt

    To The World At Large: I LOVE TEXAS!!!

    From Orange to El Paso, from the Palo Duro to Galveston, in the words of the song,"MMMMMMM God Bless TEXAS."


  • teejay

    >> there is a huge difference between "running away" and simply realizing that one is wasting time responding when no progress is being made

    Oh, I know it, Was.

    I was just funnin' y'all.

    And maybe goadin' my Friend not to give up on the debate. We wussn't done yet. Yeah... he'll be back. I think we were reaching common ground, despite him not wanting to admit it. Waiting and md? Wow. What a disparity.

    As far as Bigboi? I dunno about that man.

    I got his number, though. You want it?

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