Sheila Bowen's Letter To the GB!

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Well done, Sheila, though I have to agree with Sam Beli that you will probably be the sixth person disfellowshipped this year over this issue.

    Every time a person of conscience and principle stands up, the Watchtower disfellowships them. May this trickle become a flood - let the Waychtower Society show the world what they're really made of.

    Who will be the last person of principle to leave the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society?

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  • Sunspot

    Dearest Sheila,

    What a GREAT letter! As was mentioned before, with ALL the gut-wrenching and emotionally draining thoughts and feelings you touched upon, it seems incredible that your last sentence is all they could focus on. It once again shows their UNloving "concern", NOT for a sheep who has been skinned and thrown about, but for how YOU view your "place" in their pitiful organization!!!

    You and Bill are quite an admirable team, and your ongoing love and heartfelt concern for all your "lambs" speaks volumes about you.

    Thank you so much for your TRUE dedication in "doing for others" as Jesus spoke about.

    (((((Sheila & Bill)))))


  • expatbrit

    A marvellous letter! Your bravery and courage is phenomenal! You have really demonstrated the moral chasm the Watchtower has fallen into.


  • WildHorses

    Bravo Sheila!

    I regret that when I was studying that I didn't pay attention to just WHO the Bible was refering to when it stated that "you will become objects of hatred on account of his name". Bill is proof of that verse, as are many of us who have left the religion. As the Bible also stated, many have lost mother, father, sister, brother. All for doing what the Bible told us. To............."Get out of her my people, if you do not want to share in her demise."

    ((((((((Hugs to you and Bill)))))))

  • Mindchild

    Way to go Sheila! By the way, your sister beat up a couple of unlucky dubs who happened to knock on our door today! I guess it is time for some payback and you did a good job with this letter to start!

    Kind Regards,


  • bluesapphire


    You feisty girl you! I love the letter but I'm very saddened for what you're going through.

  • outnfree


    No guts, no glory!

    Fabulous, gut-wrenching letter. Consider yourself "glorified" and deserving of ALL this praise!!!

    Hope to see you again, soon,


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Bravo Sheila for your courage! I've never been a Dub, but what I've learned from reading this board for the past 8 months is that what you have done is monumental. The Lord will surely bless you two for helping the 'helpless'. Athough I know it must be very difficult right now, years down the road you will look back at this time as one of your 'finest hours'.

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  • Swan

    That's a great letter! Just perfect!

  • Grunt

    You and Bill have had an enormous impact on so many lives, so many innocent and up until your help, defenseless lives. I am glad you told them off. Your letter was honest, well written and to the point. Despite the callous request to have only the last part explained, I can't imagine a decent man hearing what you said and not being deeply affected by it. Regardless of that group of company men, you haved played your part with dignity, compassion and courage. You have exemplified the behavior these yes-men should have exhibited. Thanks, for each person you have helped and will help and thanks from me.


    I think all of you who are involved in exposing this gut-wrenching, family destroying situation have behaved with real honor and courage. Thank you from my heart. I can't imagine what it was like for you to endure the personal pain you have and then taken up the cause of others like yourselves. With people like you and Sheila, and Barbara, and all those innocent victims who stood bravely and allowed information I am sure they preferred to keep private to be broadcast across continents, well, I am certain that any person of any kind of quality can't help but be made aware of just how dangerous and wrong the Society's position is. It is only a step from that to recognizing the lack of love that permeates this cult and the hypocrites who direct it. No matter what, any parent will be thinking more carefully about their child's safety and maybe some of these little "lambs" will get the protection they need and deserve. Thanks to all of you.


    I don't understand you. They are covering up child abuse with lies and threating honest witnesses, even parents, if they come forth to protect them. Do you really think that is Biblical? I thought one of the great commandments was to love one another as much as ourselves, does that exclude children? What about lies and those who love the lie, doesn't that apply here? This cult has repeatedly been caught telling lies about how they deal with abuse, whether the abuser is allowed to go door to door, whether the people who tell about the abuse are intimidated or not. The behavior of this cult has been typical, for a cult. They put themselves first, image is everything, and the ends justify the means even if the "means" are the shattered lives of sexually abused children. Did you read the trial transcripts? If not you need to. Did you hear the Tower legal representative telling the elder not to put himself in a "jam" over the allegations of child abuse??? No, these people don't use Bible principals except in the sense that the Pharisees did. The children that have had their families destroyed because of their twisted interpretations, the parents who have been shunned by kids at their behest as in the case of Barbara Anderson, the awful carnage these cold-hearted men have shoved on people that trusted them in no way reflects the commandments to love one another and to hate lies. They love the lie and they love to practice deceit on the "flock" they claim to protect, from Mexico to the United Nations they talk out of both sides of their mouths and from Africa to New Jersey people have had to pay for their dishonesty in a coin too dear to imagine. The rules they impose on others they do not abide by, their behaviour is NOT Biblical. It is WRONG.


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