Sheila Bowen's Letter To the GB!

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  • Derrick

    I can very well empathize how very tired you must feel.

    You and Bill should focus on rest. Sleep in, for God brings peace to the sleep of the righteous one. Leave the future battles behind you, curl up together and simply enjoy a weekend of best rest and time to yourselves.


  • larc

    Good advice Derrick. I was thinking the same thing. These two crusaders need some down time to recover. I don't want to see them burn out.

  • Derrick

    Cygnus wrote:The only problem I have is that your fight is not so much with the WTS or JWs but with Moses and Paul. The JWs have a BIBLICAL policy, and they are exercising it, even if you or I or anyone else thinks it is outdated or wrong.

    Their "fight" is against the use of religion as a veil to cover acts of sexual perversion and even torture of the innocent.

    The Watchtower condemned Christendom's religions including the Catholic church of sexual perversions by the clergy glass. Therefore, the present Governing Body are worse than the clergy, the scribes and the pharisees. They strain out the knat but gulp down the camel. They dare to disfellowship many of Christ's sheep for lesser sins while at the same time, refuse to expel many gross wrongdoers for raping and torturing children, crimes on par with murder.

    Your judging Bill, Sheila and others in claiming their "fight is not so much with the WTS or JWs but with Moses and Paul" is outrageous. Then again, as a disciple of Jan Haugland, perhaps you are trying to make an ungodly point in laying blame on the BIBLE for the Governing Body's current lapse in better judgment? Your point is not well taken, if that was your point, because it is gross MISINTERPRETATION of the holy writings of God that has lead to these travesties in lapse of policies to protect the weakest amongst us, the children.

    The methods and pseudo-Biblical policies eminating from the present Governing Body are outdated indeed, however, it is NOT the Bible that is outdated. It is the Bible's misinterpretation and misapplication over the centuries by many other religious leaders including the Watchtower's Governing Body.

    So I can't pity anyone who leaves the JW association based on their application of scriptural injunctions.

    So this is the "fruit" that the J.H. worldview is now starting to see in harvest? You didn't refute anything Sheila said to prove there was any misapplication of scripture. You simply used this tragic topic as a sounding board to try and get in another jab at Jehovah, and another stab at the Bible itself.

    As for your not pitying Bill, Sheila or others who defend the "silent lambs," I believe they never wanted your pity.

    However, the whole heartless tone of your post is truly pitiful. Shame on you for speaking less than lovingly of those who have the guts to stand up for the human dignity of innocent kids. You are not the Cygnus that I knew, but only a dark shadow cast by the dim light of philosophies from "the gang," the artificial light from a worldview of darkness you seem to have naively embraced.

    By the way, many religions throughout Christendom equally believe they have a BIBLICAL policy that they are exercising, but you of all people should know better than to believe pure Christianity practiced by Jesus and his Apostles is anywhere near the Christianity preached by church leadership today, Watchtower's GB included.


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  • lulu

    The ancient kings killed the messengers. Today in 2002 messengers are still being killed. Wishing you and your husband all the very best.


    Hey Ranchette,I enjoy your posts.What a suprise to find out your Bills wife after all this time.I agree with Derrick(I can`t believe I agree with Derrick,LOL) and larc,take a bit of time out for yourselves.I wish both you and Bill the best...OUTLAW

  • Perry


    Your courage is truly inspiring. Fighting for truth and freedom is always costly. You have paid a hefty price and I applaud you from the bottom of my heart.


  • Lieu

    Ma'am, I found your letter to be quite courageous and full of consideration for those who are in need of protection the most; the children. Keep up the fine fight for the faith.


    As for the silly post about the two witnesses and Biblical reference ....why is it that the rest of the verses are never mentioned? Huh?

    Tell you what, can I get two witnesses that say they actually heard Christ appoint the GB as his spokesmen?


  • curious

    I have never been a JW just joined this board to try and understand my two co-workers' who are. Therefore, I must tell you how I feel when I read you & your husband's accounts of that night! That I have read the words of true heroes, to do what you have done and walked out with both your heads held high on a way of life that you've always known.... that just shows the strengh & belief in your convictions of your organization 'Silent Lambs'.

    So whatever your next venture in your life... from a person that doesn't understand the JW life but recognizes true valour GOOD LUCK!

  • ThatSucks


    Then again, as a disciple of Jan Haugland, perhaps you are trying to make an ungodly point in laying blame on the BIBLE for the Governing Body's current lapse in better judgment?

    Hey [email protected]#?er you better watch your back. The desciples gonna get ya!

    BTW, so are you making a godly point Derrick? Or would that be a holy point?

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