What would the board be without PRISCA ?

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  • teejay

    Simon: I think I may have been a bit harsh with Mommie Dark so have reactivated her account.

    JanH: Admirable, Simon.

    COMF: Simon, YES!

    MrMoe: I actually got a phone call today that Mommie was deactivated... I WAS PISSED let me tell u, glad to she she is back!


    we look forward w/ eager anticipation to darkmommie's (ongoing) contributions to the board.


    we do.

  • COMF

    I understand your enthusiasm, teejay. While you're waiting, you can browse through her past stuff at your leisure.

  • plmkrzy

    My mistake, I thought this was a congrats thread to a fellow poster. All I hope is the horrible insults stay some where else.

    It has been real nice around here, it would be real nice to keep it that way.

    Even the posters that don't get along are managing to not get along with some restraint and even at time's make the best of it with "less ugly" slamming. Resorting to name calling but still keeping it at least toned down to a Bart Simpson level rather then outright horrid.

    No one said it so I'll say it.

    This was a thread to just say Congradulations to another poster. Thats all.

    SO SORRY This happened Prisca


  • Kismet


    Interesting that you chose to post threads started by and not all posts made by.

    It would be the latter in which people could see the foul gutterlike language and personal attacks of which she excels.

    I am not necessarily saying she should be deactivated but let's not make a saint out of an abrasive and abusive poster that she has shown herself to be over the past several years.

    And MD's participation of late has been nothing more than an attack and run. Such a fine addition to this board now...


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  • Beck_Melbourne


    Funny you should say that...I am unable to open most of MommieDark's posts and threads because the system here says 'Access Is Denied'...this is due to the profanity that she flavours her speech with. I guess some people on here like that.

    Interesting to see you in here JanH being an aussie hater and all, especially considering the originator of this thread is an aussie, and the topic was to congratulate an aussie. Your comments may not have addressed anyone but Simon, but couldn't you have taken that up in email? Just wondering...another motive perhaps? I also notice the thread where you called me an Aussie B*tch has been deleted...interesting!!


  • gravedancer
    Interesting to see you in here JanH being an aussie hater and all,


    That's a pretty assertive statement. I happen to know 3 or 4 Aussies who are friends of Janh.

    Just because he may not regard certain people as his cup of tea (who happen to be Aussie) doesn't make him an aussie hater.

    I don't particularly care for some of the Aussies on here....so am I an Aussie hater? I sure as hell hope not since most of my maternal family are Australian!

    (edited to change a punctuation mark)

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  • LDH

    For a *real* thrill, RF, you ought to start a thread praising ME and watch the insults fly, LOL, even from the welfare bugs. (and you know who you are, LOL)


    16 shots in the stomach Class

  • Beck_Melbourne


    It is a terrible statement to make...but since that thread has been deleted I can only quote it.

    But to call me an Aussie B*tch wasn't nice....the land where I live should not be criticised for what I say...don't you think?? Everyone seemed to pounce on Celtic's controversy...yet JanH can call me that without feeling some shame?? He did insult my intelligence...but that's okay...its personally directed at me...and I can wear that...but I did and do take offence to the Aussie B*tch statement...it wasn't meant to hurt just me. Which is why it was said.

    I know one thing is certain, I would never insult anyone's land of origin or where they live to hurt them or their friends...that's just my own personal opinion...and yes I am offended at being called an Aussie B*tch. There are people on here who spoke up for you GD when you were diactivated before being reactivated....you were and are good friends, power to you all I say. Yet...I spoke up for Prisca, just that once...and I was attacked for it in a most vicious way because of where I live. Thats kinda sad...and hard to shake off. All the other personal insults I can take...from anyone in fact. I love the land where I live...and I love the people who reside here...and I'm proud of that fact. I feel no shame for defending that.


  • Prisca

    *sits sadly in a corner, singing to herself....*

    happy birthday to me,

    happy birthday to me,

    happy birthday ...........................


    What would be the board be like without that trouble making Prisca?..I just had to have some fun flaming Prisca,(this seemed like my only chance,LOL)we actually get along..Prisca ,CONGRATULATIONS!!!..4,000 posts? Wow! Your now one of the supreme ones,I hear you and the other supremes are going on tour..LOL...OUTLAW

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