How Many Here Have Been Shunned?

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    THERE HAVE BEEN TIMEs Mamie Kitty Have shunned us but when she hears 2 words EAT and FISH she is jolly on the spot meowing a blue streak -- she knows which side her kibble is buttered on !!! queenie

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Yeapers, me too.

    Reborn, I'd mentioned in another post how I rather enjoy reading your "fuck JW" statements. Sure gives me a chuckle.


  • rob

    Add me to the shunned list... although I'm only selectively shunned. I manage the area's largest natural foods store and I have Witness customers who will willingly and openly speak to me, one of which is a local elder, and Witnesses who get pale and flee ffrom me like I have the plague. My family for the most part shuns me with the exception of my parents, who don't really shun me, but have to put on their "highly disappointed" act whenever possible.

  • Trotafox

    Add me to the list since I DA'd. Could care less if I ever speak to any of them again quite frankly. They all make me sick!


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  • Doc_jedd
    Doc_jedd can add me to the list , since I D.A.ed myself I`ve been shunned by all my good witness friends (you know the ones that say they`ll always stick by you no matter what)

    It realy dosn`t bother me much it just shows me what kind of "friends" they were all along.


  • bigfloppydog

    I am definately added to the SHUNNING list.

    It HURTS big time.

  • worldly girl
    worldly girl

    Reborn: I truly LOVE your posts. You speak so passionately, and obviously from your heart. I am neither DA'd or DF'd.... just "inactive". However, I am also SHUNNED!! My mother called me an apostate about a month ago, and at first it hurt, but then I got ANGRY. I was so angry for her "threatening" statements that she'd have nothing to do w/ me if I kept talking "that way". By the way: all I said that offended her so bad is that I CHOSE to think for myself instead of letting 12 little old me tell me what to THINK!! Long story short: I have chosen the path that I accept that until they die and we are dividing up what little material belongings they leave the 3 bad kids... (there are 4 of us only 1 still in the borg) that I will NEVER step foot into their home again, and will probably never seee them..... As sick as it may sound, my life is so much more peaceful when they aren't in it, and I've TRUELY learned the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL love, that I don't NEED their disfunctional version of love!!

    Although my nephew and nieces aren't kept from me, I can relate to how you feel. I have a 3 y/o daughter and one day she is going to want to know why her grandparents don't love her.... and I'll just have to explain to her that in this world there are sick people who put family last and their religion FIRST..... and then I'll explain to her that GOD loves us all the same, and HE would NEVER ask us to treat our family that way. Believe me one day your nephew will become curious about you.... But don't hold your expectations too high and end up disappointing yourself..... It could go one of two ways.... He may see it as Bullshit, or he may be soooo brainwashed that he may never see the real TRUTH.(like many of my JW friends who were raised in it). Either way, the only thing you can do is love him with all of your heart and hope for the best!! Good luck to you!!



    Technically I should not be shunned, except for the fact that they may consider me bad association. You see I'm one of those poeple that was raised a J-Dub, suffered thru-out school, etc., but never "made the Troof my own". So even though I was associatiated for over 40 years, gave talks in the MS, went out in service occassionally, I know I was talked about behind my back as one who would never join up...Boy were they right. All those years I felt something was wrong but I went along with the program, raising my kids under the Borg umbrella and now it's all come back to bite me in the ass. Yes, some do shun me and a few will talk to me. It's weird. They really don't know what to do when they see me. I kinda like it that way. Shunning is such a bizarre, midieval ritual of sorts. If the Borg could qualify it from the Bible, they would be putting those with low hours in the stocks. Just my thoughts...thanx


  • Lin

    I've been shunned since 1995 when I left the Org. I only hear from family (my mother only) when there's a serious health emergency or death in the family. Out of five brothers, only me and one brother living in Barcelona Spain are no longer witnesses, and we are both considered dead. As time goes by, it becomes somewhat easier to accept and just go on with life. But, right now I'm in the middle of planning my wedding and it causes me to think about family since they won't be at the wedding. We aren't even sending an invitation, what would be the point? But, I've never been more and happy and free since 1995. I'll never set foot in a K.H. ever again. I'm a *newbie* at posting, but I've been reading posts on this site for some time now, and just felt like registering and replying to this one, for now.


  • joelbear

    How honest is a person's motive and how strong is their faith if the only reason they get reinstated is to avoid shunning.

    A religious organization based on fear which encourages hypocrisy to gain acceptance from loved ones.

    Yeah, sounds like the truth to me.


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