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  • zev

    1 To learn

    2 To receive support

    3 To give support

    you covered all the reasons for my coming here, staying here, and continuing to stay, post, and read here in the future.

    i came to learn. after learning, support. after leaving, more support. and now, i continue to learn, and be touched by the stories i read from real people, like one posted today by matty, and FEEL inside, because i KNOW what it is like having been through it all.

    i stay to lend a hand wherever i can. and sometimes i just say nothing, because nothing is all that can be said.

    so to those who post here, and see no or little replies, watch the "counts" on how many times what you post is "read".

    sometimes we read, and i know in my case, i'm to overcome with the emotions to reply. so i say nothing. but know what your posting is being read. maybe you change one little thing for someone out there, struggling with leaving. giving them the strength to overcome adversity. giving them the strength to endure. giving them the strength to leave. and showing them, not only is there life after the watchtower, there is happiness.

    and sometimes, even more than you could ever have hoped for in all your life.

  • onacruse

    I'm here because I'm not there. I just jeft there, and here is better. (yeah, yeah, I know, go take my meds)

    You got it right on, Just2.


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  • Swan

    I have worked through many other issues in my life, but this was one that was still bothering me. I've been running from it for a long time, and the depression and the nightmares were not going away. Now, I've turned to face it, and this board helps give me the courage I need to do that.

    My husband tries to understand, but he admits he doesn't quite get it. My new friends don't seem to understand what it was like growing up in a cult-like environment. Here there is understanding and empathy. Here I can be empathetic to others who suffered the same thing I did. I can start finding resolution here.

    Thank you everyone.


  • jst2laws

    Dear Connielynn

    You are one of my favorite survivors. Remember I expect you to write your story someday.

    Now I have a community of my own that I can feel comfortable in, and that I can lead other people to.

    That is important. And doesn't it feel good to find someone else also terribly lost and you can show them where they can get comfort. Good for you. Hope you friend finds what he needs.

    Take care Connie and say hello to Steve.


  • Englishman


    Thank you for your kind words, I enjoyed your company too.

    Why am I here? Well, the route that I took out of dub-dom imprinting was long and hard, and even though HL was very supportive, she had never been a JW so wasn't able to relate to everything that I had experienced. It took me almost 20 years before I truly felt as though I had found a philosophy for life that suited me reasonably comfortably.

    Now I find that I draw good things from many others here, and sometimes I can return the kindness by telling of the things that I have learned too.


  • ConnieLynn


    Thank you so much. Steve was quite impressed with the kindness and love between total strangers that he witnessed at Apostofest, and your story was an inspiration as well. And actually, I might add that this board is wonderful for mates of ex-JW's just to gain insight into what has happened to so many people. Steve is a lurker, and will hopefully post someday. I wrote a short synopsis of my story when I first started posting. Someday, when I get up the nerve, I will write the details. It would be cathartic I'm sure.

  • jst2laws

    Greetings Searchin50

    I love to hear othes experinces, about being in JW RELIGION, yes i was myself,but not fully indoctrinated

    However I SPENT alot of time in field service, SPECIAL PIONEER-REG PIO- ABOVEAVE.PUB.But through it all ,I couldn't concive their teachings

    LOL!! I glad you are no longer SPECIAL PIONEERING, considering you were never "fully indoctrinated". MAN, you would have been on the governing body if only you would have believed.

    Thanks for you comments, especially your thoughts on the Bible and God

    Hey Simon,

    Despite being a pretty unsociable person I'm surprised too that I have a strange desire to help other people which has also helped me relate to other people better.

    I have heard you comment before as to you social inadequacies. You did not show any shortcomings at Emans BBQ. I find myself more at ease among these new friends than I ever did at our Witness functions. I guess because I don't have to hide my real thoughts and feelings. Maybe you are coming out too, Simon. You are right about wanting to help others affecting your social ability. I believe when we focus on someone else, not ourselves, and their needs we are naturally less self conscious.

    Hello songmistress

    I haven't greeted you yet. Welcome to the board. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


  • startingover

    Because I'm ADDICTED!

  • larc

    Happy Man, I was touched by your comments. Although you are a sincere believing Witness, you have taken the time to look at 'the back side of the house" as you put it. You have seen issues and major problems exposed here regarding your religion. I respect you for having the fortitude for doing so.

  • Kenneson

    Because I'd rather read what people are really experiencing than all that sugar coated stuff about Jehovah's Witness converts that I use to read about in Awake and other Watchtower literature. Also, I like the freedom of reading what I want to and thinking on my own.

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