Poll: Affection or sex

by Mimilly 71 Replies latest social relationships

  • COMF
    How do ya get your buttcheeks to say that?

    A lot of it has to do with what you ate an hour or two ago, Little Toe. :)

  • Quincy

    COMF.....good one

  • MrMoe

    Neat post.

    Depends on the meaning of affection. If it the syrupy fake crap forever and ever and ever then I would opt for the sex.

    I have an issue with the word "affection" -- reminds me of infection -- I would take love over sex any day, but I would not take affection over sex.

    I am a girl who likes her sex rough and hard, none of that pansy stuff for me.... so case in point, I choose sex hands down -- as I do not see the coalition in affection and love.

    I am a very logical person, and most often I am a thinker, not a feeler. Yes, yes, I AM affectionate, and yes yes I AM mushy, but sex for me is not roses and chocolates folks sorry and perish the thought of no sex ever again *gasp*

    Again, I repeat, I WOULD choose love over sex any day of the week just not affection.



  • nativenyr23

    COMF SAYS: "And as often as not, it's sex that leads to affection. There's an incomparable bliss in basking in the afterglow, looking with appreciative eyes at the face and skin of your willing partner, drawing invisible lines with your fingertips on her arms and legs, placing a light caress of lips on her hair, or shoulder, or the middle of her back...."

    Damn, baby!!! i can hardly swallow after reading that (no pun intended...) I NEED A CIGARRETTE NOW....and i don't even SMOKE!


  • MrMoe

    <<<<<<<<<needs some good nookie...



    Of The Needs Nookie Class

  • Solace

    OMG, Kingpawn!! "Sex. I don't need affection--to be honest it makes me uncomfortable. I don't have it the few times I do get laid so...." I am still laughing at this!! Please forgive me if it wasnt intended to be funny...

    Bummed Moe, Awww,, Dont be sad. Big hugs comming your way!! XOXOXO

    Little Toe, always such a sweetie!! Your profile pic is quite handsome, I must say!

  • Robdar

    I have decided that I will not have sex again until there is affection involved. I'm still waiting.....sigh.


  • Scarlet

    Affection- It last longer.

  • onacruse

    All these SENSITIVE guys here!!!

    I too go for affection.

    See, ladies, males can think above the waist.

    Ross, what in the world happened to your face, is the voting over!?!?!? lol


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  • COMF

    Ooh, Native... talk to me!

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