Poll: Affection or sex

by Mimilly 71 Replies latest social relationships

  • BoozeRunner

    I just LOVE when affection leads to SEX!!! :D But hey, if for some reason your physical condition makes sex unlikely, then affection is the way to go.


  • waiting

    Well said, Comf.

    I think affection is much more important in life. It's what we want for ourselves, what we give our children, what we want back from them, why we have pets, even why we tend our gardens.

    To give/receive affection is breath. And if we can get a steak regularily (or now and again) good too. And dessert is a Real Treat, eh?


  • LittleToe

    COMF: Would that be tantric breathing?

  • JanH

    How would sex without affection be? The partner doing a perfect impersonation of an inflatable? No thanks. Been there done that. But romantic affection without sex is frustration. Meaningless.

    - Jan

  • SixofNine

    lol @ Diana's "really really fat and blue" comment.

    This is a bit too easy. We can all answer this and still look like caring, romantic people. Reason being, it is easy for all of us to imagine something happening were sex is reduced or non-existant, but if that happened we would have potential for, and want, affection just as much or more than ever.

  • dmouse

    At the moment I am having to live without either, and that is unlikely to change, but what I seem to be missing the most...

    ...is sex.

    What a shallow man I must be huh?

    I hate questions like this....all you people in wonderful relationships while here I am married to a frigid JW drone; it makes me jealous.

    OK, if I had a choice, I would choose affection, for the reasons already stated.

  • stichione

    It would have to be SEX. I get alot of affection, but not enough sex!

  • witchywoman

    Welcome aboard stichione.

    Me thinks we think the same.

    naty: love ya girl!


  • GentlyFeral

    I'd weigh in with affection, too: nobody ever died of celibacy; plenty of people have died of loneliness (at their own hands, if necessary).

    And I disagree with JanH: when "the partner's imitating an inflatable," that's sex without good manners or interest, not without affection. Or sex with fear, sex with embarrassment, you get the idea. You can be courteous, kind, and have a wonderful time with sex, with someone you've only known for a few minutes, or only know by sight.

    But this is a false dichotomy, anyway. In real life, one often leads to the other. Life is untidy that way, thank the Powers.

    And I recall an instructive story from the life of Victor Anderson: In a vision, he was once ordered to choose between love and magical power. "If you seek power, you will never have a lasting love relationship for the rest of your life."

    Victor's reply: "Get thee behind me, evil spirit." He reasoned that no one who would make him give up love could have anything else he wanted...

    Well, it seemed relevant to me when I thought of it :)


  • nativenyr23

    I'm with witchywoman and stichione.....

    I'm my best Austin Powers voice: "Sex? YES PLEASE."


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