I Interviewed J. R. Brown

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  • Farkel


    Drop me a note and I'll give you my current phone number.

    With regards to me being bad: What else did you expect?


  • JT

    ck your email

  • JT

    hotmail is down right now on my end--can't send you note

    try sending to me and see if you can get in on your end

    [email protected]

  • AjaxMan

    I'm sorry to see that you missed my point- the phrase Da Man was to merely explain how jr is viewed by so many jw esp black bro


    My Bad...

    You're right, I missed your point.

    My bad.


  • ronin1


    I spoke with J.R. Brown and Joseph Pevy some months ago.
    (In fact, I asked them scriptural questions and questioned them about the society's actions on certain matters).

    He (J.R. Brown)is very soft-spoken and polite.

    He is also a "snake" who is brainwashed.

    He cannot be trusted. Any response he gives you is to divert attention away from the Society's guilt and wrong doing.

    He is a "snake". I believe him to be a real "apostate"-
    one who has subverted Bible Truth for the Society's lies.

    Do not be fooled.


  • worf

    Ronin1 is my sister.

    On December 10th, 1999 my sister, my then wife, my brother and I had a four hour meeting at bethel with JR Brown and Bob Pevy. We had been seeking justice in my case for a year and finally after putting a lot of pressure on bethel officials by our constant calling and letter writing, we finally got a face to face meeting, no doubt a kangaroo court, but brown and Pevy both told us that no one had ever pushed so far for justice in the type of case we were pursuing.They also told us that the gb had assigned them to meet with us. ( I don't know if thats really true or not). But they told us that we had made a lot of noise at bethel and that our last name was now well known.

    For the next four hours from 7pm to 11pm we presented clear evidence from their own writings and the Bible that showed that a grave injustice had been done to me and my family. Both Pevy and Brown both admitted that I had been railroaded.

    But 3 weeks later I recieved a letter from them as a result of the meeting and they said they were not going to do anything about it.

    JR Brown has no scruples and there is nothing nice about him.He is just as evil as all wts officials are and Pevy is the same too. I have no respect for either of them and I'm looking forward to the time when they will pay for supporting the most evil organization on the face of the earth when they know personally that the wts is bullshit. All they care about is their positions.


  • Farkel

    Mike P.

    : Deleted.

    That wasn't what you said before folks started speaking up about that asshole JR Brown.

    What happened? Can't you take the concept of "asshole" into consideration in your writing career?

    Guess not. You must work for Brooklyn.


  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs


    Normally, I enjoy most of the posts that you make. However, you have diverted attention away from the original impact of mikepence's post.

    Why are you looking at the little picture? Mike was simply stating how Brown came across. You are acting like Mike is scum for stating something positive about JR Brown. Who the hell cares if he's a good guy/bad guy?

    JR Brown may be all the negative things that you (and others) state, but in this interview he did come off as trying to at least sound sincere AND he gave Mike permission for a follow-up interview. It may very well (and probably is) a facade but...damn!...at least give Mike some credit.

    Sadly, you turned this interview post into a debate about Brown's character.


    There you go again with a wisecrack, ignorant comment(s). Geez... Mike's post wasn't about Brown's character, it was about his interview, which was very good, and he got more information out of Brown than the WTS gave to Dateline and Panorama (which was a videotaped response).

    No wonder he deleted the post. Many of the responses were disrespectful and unappreciative.


    Thank you for doing the interview!

    EDITED, out of respect for Mike Pence.

    Thanks again!

    Edited by - Mister Biggs on 7 August 2002 15:8:41

  • badwillie

    Nice summation Biggs.

    This shit is exactly why I hardly use this forum anymore.

    Mike - I personally thank you for having the balls to do what you are doing. Very few on this forum know anything about you or all of the personal anguish you and your family have recently gone through.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Greetings, Mike

    I read your initial posting within moments its appearance. I opened the link you provided at the time but only found a very brief summary of your interview with Brown. It looked to me like your complete interview was not yet being made available. Now it looks like others here have seen it and I would like to hear and read it as well. Can you provide a copy or else a link to where I can view the material?


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