I Interviewed J. R. Brown

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  • JT

    Mke says:

    But, let's not be childish and paint people as monsters.


    Could you point out were i indicated that anyone is a "Monster" and why is it childless to comment on your statement that you were impressed by the conduct of a person whose job is to be a gentleman.

    Just a little side note-- JR Brown sad to say --was my mentor while i was at bethel- I know this man beyond a mere interview

  • Farkel


    : Just a little side note-- JR Brown sad to say --was my mentor while i was at bethel- I know this man beyond a mere interview

    Thank God he couldn't clone you into one of him.


  • AjaxMan

    He conducted himself in a cordial manner. Considering the questions I was posing, I thought he behaved like a gentleman.

    They said the same thing about Ted Bundy, and we all know who he was and what he did. I don't mean to shoot you down, but I feel you oughta know that someone who does PR is an expert at how to speak to the public, in other words, showing another face to the public. Who do you think does the PR job of politicians and who tells politicians how to act on stage when addressing a public? The PR people.

    To me, all and I mean ALL the JWs (as well as other cults) show that facade in order to attract people into their ungodly organization. You may have heard of "LoveBombing", a common tactic of the cults to attract people.

    Don't believe in all the theatrics, it is just politics and business to be nice and cordial. Reborn2002 said it well and he summed it well when said:

    The outer appearance can be deceiving. The propaganda a person supports and defends is the true defining point of character.
  • JWinSF

    For PR purposes he may be a "gentleman". However, back in the early 80s when I was an Elder, the Detroit area congregations were having massive "problems" with "immorality". They had a special "SWAT" team of a few select local elders and a couple of representatives from Brooklyn, JR Brown being one of them.

    We were having special meetings to go over the at that time new "Elders Manual". JR Brown came across as a very arrogant man without evidence of any "human kindness". The other man from Brooklyn was quite nice --- can't remember his name, however.

    Several elders and I during the break were visibly shocked at JR Brown's demeanor. Again, he's nice for PR purposes, but he's quite the opposite behind closed doors. That is, unless he's changed drastically in the last 20 years. However, "a leopard can't change its spots". I doubt that he's probably a nice guy.

  • JT


    I agree 110% with your post and I too have no desire to shoot this poster down, but to be impressed by the outward appearance is almost nieve in my view. Thruout history those who have shown wonderful outta appearances have on so many occassions been involved in the most hurtful things

    I personally know jr brown and he is indeed one of the smoothest guys i have ever met.

    he has a style that is often time imitated by others bethelites

    i know guys who would talk like jr when giving talks, i mean sound just like him-

    he would do LONG PAUSES and hold the audience in amazement

    just a little info on jr style and how powerful it was when i was at bethel

    they used to have park talks in central park in ny- GB Member Greenleves gave the talk the first week and had about 3000 folks there

    in 2 weeks jr was to give his talk and over 15,000 folks showed up- ONLY MANHATTAN CONGO were suppose to be there no bronx, no queens, no brooklyn, no staten island or long island congo were invited, but when jr spoke folks came from all sections of ny - we came up out of the subway station and there were buses with jw from Philly, Conn, and NJ- elders had canceled meetings to attend when they heard that jr was speaking as i have said many times before in the black jw community jr was the closest thing to a Baptist Preacher- we used to call him the SOCIETY'S LOUIS FARAKANN


    From what i understand he was removed from the road as a DO due to developing a following among many black jw esp in the major cities

    chicago, cleveland , detroit, ny and other major cities that he served in as a CO and DO

    so HE WAS DA MAN

  • AjaxMan

    so HE WAS DA MAN


    I guess with the way JR Brown bullshitted on Dateline, all the JWs will imitate his smooth bullshitting style. I am sorry that I don't share your opinion about JR Brown as I don't respect cults and high control groups that hurt people, silence those who stand up (Bill Bowen, the Pandelos), and I don't respect apologists for these cults' actions.

    As far as JR Brown and the GB, those Jive Turkeys can kiss my @$$.

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  • sunshineToo

    So that was it?????? What happened?

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  • JT


    see you are being bad man

    how you been by the way

    I will see if i can give you a buz this week sometime


  • JT


    I'm sorry to see that you missed my point- the phrase Da Man was to merely explain how jr is viewed by so many jw esp black bro,

    i know alot of white bro esp at bethel who use to hate him for his showmanship- the org ain't too much into personal glory ALL GLORY MUST GO TO THE SOCIETY -- yet that was his trademark and in THE HOOD they loved it

    > I in noway Admire JR Brown- In fact as a former student of his he would spit in my face-

    i was only providing some personal exp i have had in dealing with the man

  • JT

    The comment was made that:

    "JR Brown came across as a very arrogant man without evidence of any "human kindness".


    yes indeed and he loved it, JR used to walk with a swagle, kind of a "Pimp" walk head held high and like you stated if you were on the recieving end of JR he would slice you up like a Ginsu Knife

    this display of pride was often time praised by many of elders:

    "JR don';t play man!!" - instead of why did JR embarrass that bro

    He walks the halls of bethel with Power running down his legs- while there may be men at bethel in more key positions and power VERY few weild the type of OUTSIDE of bethel influence he does and it is this type of ego and belief that god is using him that is so dangerous

    ask most here on this site who served as elders did they not at times feel that jah was using them in a mighty way- one would stop by sister old or bro depressed and they would say how much they apprecicated an elder being there

    when one would leave one would feel maybe jah directed me to go by sister or bro weaks home today

    it is this concept called ELDERS that is so sad to take men like me and others nothing more than "Cheese Cracker Men" who perhaps worked at Walmart and make us think that we are in the same league as MOSES



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