Who are animal lovers here??????

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  • plmkrzy

    I love animals, all kinds. I like them more then most people. They're more honest then most people too.

  • Nikita

    Hey Lyin Eyes, I have a Pug, too! Here he is:

    He was my Mom's dog and she died in 1994, he's been living with us since about 1998. He's 12 now and not doing very well this weekend.

    I also have a black lab mix, named Luke Peter (my daughter named him!) A puppy named JJ who is a hound mix. 2 cats named Snowball and Leo.

    My dream pets are horses! Plus, when we were growing up Mr. Biggs and I had a Lilac Point Siamese named Kimba. I loved him dearly and he disappeared. I havel always wanted another one like him!


  • WildTurkey

    Lol, Dede thought dizzy cat was a she cause he likes cats, and not dogs.

    here is a pic of are dogs

    And here is my favorite animal, my wild party animal, guys you have to be careful with this one cause you can take her out of the wild but you can never really tame one of these!!!!

  • WildTurkey

    I love this animal

  • FreeFallin

    My great love is my Shelties.(Miniature Collies.) I have 2 males, 5 females, and a litter of 2 week old pups. They are just adorable. I wish I could put their pictures up but don't have a scanner.

    I lost my Sheltie Brandon in January. Putting him to sleep has been one of the hardest things I've had to do. He was my child, my baby. None of the other dogs come close to taking his place and I have an empty spot in my heart.


  • kenpodragon

    I love animals ... BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN, FISH, LAMB, and all the other ones I can put on my BBQ.

  • WildTurkey

    rock on Kenpo

  • Celia

    I love coming face to face with garter snakes and toads when I am puttering in my garden... Once I observed a big snake settling on one of the rocks in a small stone wall in a corner of the garden, warming itself in the morning sun. But somehow, it was not curled up right, because suddenly its tail fell down along the wall and the entire snake followed, unrolling slowly, until the whole thing fell down to the ground, head last, it was so funny, like in a Walt Disney animated movie.

    I have a dish with water and flower pot on its side for the toads...

    I had a pet quail once. He lived with us in the house, slept on top of our bedroom dresser. Woke us up early mornings with his sharp calls. Walked down the stairs in the morning, flew up to the bedroom when we went up at night... Ate our cereals and drank orange juice... Aah, the memories.

    I have a husky-sheppard mix, lovely, very active dog. She wakes me up every morning around 5 am, jumps on the bed and licks my face !

    I have chickens (I want my eggs fresh!) One bunny (who can't run free anymore, because the dog would kill him

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  • sunshineToo

    I love dogs especially Golden retreivers and Jindos.

  • Scarlet

    I love animals. I have 3 Cats.

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