Who Here Believes in God?

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  • Imbue

    It's interesting how mostly females still have some belief in a spiritual person of some kind. Perhaps it is emotional rather than intellectual to believe in something greater than ourselves but it makes sense to me right now.

  • maximumflash

    I am God!!! Or at least that is what my wife screams during........ did I say that out loud???

    Don't let her read this!!!

  • pseudoxristos
  • Grunt

    I do. Things are just too beautiful and complicated not to. How the creator can allow some of the things that happen to happen, I don't know. I still pray. It has nothing to do with ego. For me, not for a lot of the world I know, but for me, life is and has been a beautiful trip all in all. I am grateful for each breath I draw, each sunrise I see, each wonder I get to enjoy each day as I head back to the dust I came from. Don't want anything, back. Just want to say "Thanks" for the sweet feeling I get holding my wife's hand, helping my son moving or sharing a meal with him and his family, going down a backwoods road on a bike with flowers and forest all around and the feeling of flight it gives you. Rode my jet ski into the red band of the setting sun on a beautiful lake with nothing to do when I docked it but talk and eat with people I love. THANKS. When I draw my last breath I guess I will want one more, but I hope I will still be able to say THANKS. I didn't do anything to get this but I am. I even got to enjoy Englishman's garden, Thanks to you too Englishman, I thought it was beautiful.


  • DakotaRed

    HI all well wishers. Just passing through still on my extended break and caught this thread. Thought I would chime in.

    Until recently, I would have answered an emphatic yes. Now, I don't know whether or not I do. While away, I am doing a lot of thinking and reassessing my life and myself.

    So, looking back, all I can add is if God is real, he has one hell of a sick sense of humor.

  • jelly

    I believe in some form of a creator but not one that would fit into the traditional Judeo / xian mold.


  • Scarlet

    I believe in God as a creator. I do not believe God Intervens in our lives today.

  • StinkyPantz

    On some days I'm absolutely sure there is a god and on others I'm sure there isn't one. I guess that makes me agnostic.

  • sunshineToo

    I want to, and I'm trying.

    There was a time when I felt I was lost and didn't know what to believe. I went to a restaurant, and prayed before I ate. A man asked me, "Are you a Christian?" "Yes, I am", I answered. And he said, "We ( he was with his wife ) are Christians, too. We are 7th Day Advantists." And I became afraid that he might ask what I was. What am I? Who am I? I'm not a JW or Catholic or anything. I was nobody.

    JW's teaching had been my only Christianity in my life so far. God had been rather fearful, more like terrifying in their depiction. Don't try to deny it, you, JWs. I've heard enough of "You should do this otherwise you'd die at Armageddon." This is a threat like "Do it or you die" by an extortioner. Before I became a JW, I used to go to this one church which happended to be quite bad. I'm planning to search for my place for worship.

    Sorry, comforter. I don't want to go back to the WTS. They have hurted so many people so many times, and I have a scar that is not going to go away for eternity.

  • Reborn2002

    I believe Vivamus expressed my opinion best in this thread:


    in which she stated:

    No, I don't love Jehovah anymore. If he is looking, why is he not acting? Unable or unwilling, in the first case he is not omnipotent, in the latter he is malevolent.

    A thought-provoking statement.

    Throughout history man has used the concept of God to dominate his fellow men. The lust for power and money has only fueled this frenzy.

    No matter what denomimation, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.. one of the main attributes associated with God is love. Men are encouraged to follow the example of love given by God, and yet no where in history unless it is written in the Bible has God acted.

    In modern times mere men take action to attempt to prevent or end such pain and suffering so rampant in this world, yet God does NOTHING. Is something wrong here?

    Then consider this..

    Jehovah's Witnesses present experiences at their conventions in which they state that God blessed the efforts of individuals who change their job status so as to cater to meeting attendance or time spent in their ministry. Yet, this same God allows innocent children to be sexually molested and abused within the very organization which professes to be the sole representation of God on earth? If that is any notion of God, then he has FUCKED UP priorities.

    Or perhaps we could discuss the Catholics? An untold number of people were slaughtered during the Holy Crusades in the name of Catholicism. In our present day the pedophilia scandal has brought to light the staggering amount of cases in which professed "men of God" are sexually molesting and abusing 3, 4, and 5 year old boys.

    Or how about the fanatical Muslim zealots? They truly believe that by murdering others and killing themselves in a suicide attack that they will be granted a blessed position in heaven for doing so.

    Do I believe in God? No.

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