Who Here Believes in God?

by The_Bad_Seed 69 Replies latest jw friends

  • funkyderek

    NO (one word, only two letters!!! - consider yourself beaten, onacruse!)

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    Yes, I believe in creation and a creator.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Yes I do,

    I didn't through the baby out with the bath water.

    After finding out what He/She is really about, in such books as Neale Walsh "Conversations with God"

    Or Gary Zukuv "Seat of the Soul" There wasn't one answer I thought was bull shit.

    Be open minded, thats one thing the JWS are not.

  • onacruse

    Derek: Irish votes don't count, we all know their brains are waterlogged! LOL

    Craig of the believer in God class

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  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    Yes (the Judeo-Christian One).

  • Francois

    I do. The one contemplated in The Tao Te Ching.

  • funkyderek
    Derek: Irish votes don't count, we all know their brains are waterlogged! LOL

    I'll let that slide as it's probably just jealousy talking.

    Actually FreeToBeMe gave the shortest answer: "I" Probably unbeatable.

    Derek, of the believer in reality class

  • ashitaka

    No. I believe in the power of a delicious steak, though.

  • Flip

    Im absolutely convinced the realization of current concepts of a God doesnt exist.

    Otherwise the worlds accredited amateur & professional sporting commissions, in their pursuit of fair play for atheists, agnostics et al, would have banned either God or non-believers from the playing fields long ago. As the belief in One could enhance one's performance, would be considered an unfair advantage.

    Since there is no corrolation between a 'sporting' contestants success based on, belief in or lack of, cosmic forces...anyones concept of God...is not taken seriously.

    Case in point, during a curcial game for the Italian team at the recent World Cup the Italian coach needed a goal, soon. So it was televised spilling a vial of Holy Water on the turf and shortly thereafter the Italians got the goal.

    Perhaps, instead of a vial, the Italian coach brought a five gallon JUG of Holy Water, or a box full of Watchtowers and Awake! the Italian team would have won the game.

  • SYN

    I most definitely do not believe in the brutal God depicted in the Old Testament, although some of the things Jesus is purported to have said do make quite a lot of sense, e.g. love your neighbour is something sadly lacking in our world, and has always been lacking.

    Other than that, basically Athiest.

    Why can't we celebrate and enjoy our own lives and those of our children, rather than worrying about some overbearing God? Humans need to take responsibility for their own actions.

    Besides, we have to remember the words of those involved with recovering the crashed disk in New Mexico at the end of the Second World War, right after they dropped the bomb.

    "You can't invade us! We have the bomb!"

    "No, child, the bomb has you!"

    "Please God help me!"

    "Little child, why do you call on your Gods? There is no one here but you and us..."

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