Are You "Technically" Still A Jehovah's Witness?

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    I haven't given a field service report since 1999 and that was sporadic. The last time I was really active was 1995 when I was 18. I don't consider myself a witness nor does anyone else. I've had Elders visit and told me that if I was to come back nothing I did over the last two decades would matter. Seems kinda of strange that you can fade and be inactive and viewed as a lost sheep, but if disfellowship you're garbage.
  • RichardHaley

    Recently talked to a friend who doesn't post here any longer, only lurks. Seems a couple of jDubs outed him based on his comments.

    Makes me think about what I post on this site.

    Inactive over one year, quit TS, no comments, arrive late - leave early when I do go to mtngs once or twice per month. Considered spiritually sick by most (no social invites) and have even been asked if I have been privately reproved (replied "that's confidential")... works for me... lol

  • nonjwspouse

    Still active as an MS. Fully awake though.

    ignoranceisbliss, How on earth can you stand it? The mental gymnastics required just to attend and be an active MS while you are fully awake must be mental torture!

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    I walked away after the 2011 District Convention of 'the toes in Daniel's dream image mean nothing' fame. Not DF'd, won't DA. I have not received the obligatory once a year "shepherding call" from my two-elder hit team, nor have I received a "Memorial invitation" in two years. My neighbor reports that when JWs come to the neighborhood, they skip my door. I don't know if I'm considered "inactive" or a "known apostate", and I don't care.

    Mr. Sail Away (posts as Bethel Mayflower on Reddit) faded over 30 years ago before we knew what fading was. He was "marked" for playing a sport too competitively at a congregation picnic many years ago. The elders consider him a "known apostate", but could never get the goods on him. He was always careful about what he said/didn't say, and I was not willing to rat him out.

  • kairos

    Been out for two years. Walked away fast and have never returned.
    I would have problem disclosing myself , but for my wife's sake I play it cool for the most part.

    She tells them "he's no longer one of JWs". ( the same wording as an official judicial announcement )
    They believe her and I am treated as such for the most part, although I am technically just inactive and I could get some hardcore love bombing the day I was to set foot back in the KH.

  • JamesThomas

    My sense is that there are lots of people who visit here on a regular basis who have clearly left the “Jehovah's Witness” religion, but still consider themselves – and perhaps even more so – a true Jehovah's Witness.

    To these folks I say: Better to be an atheist, than embrace your heart around the extremely foolish belief that some primitive tribal deity named Yahweh/Jehovah is responsible for all the breathtaking wonder of nature, life and universe!

    More sane that you worship a carved wooden doll -- at least there you have some remnant of an actual majestic tree.

    Certainly a child can see that the true Source of all existence must be infinity more than the asinine icon found in the pages of the Bible?

    Get your head out of your “Holy Scriptures” and take a month long hike in nature and touch bases with reality for a change.

    Just say'n.

  • 3rdgen

    That's a good question. I haven't reported "time" since 2009, haven't been to a meeting of any kind since 2011, not DFed or DAed. Hubby's stats are similar except he stopped meetings a year before I did.

    Neither of us identify ourselves as JWs in any way shape or form yet our fade has been successful enough that when we run into dubs around town we are usually treated like we have moved and we are not close anymore. (which is true) We all say "Hi" exchange pleasantries, and move on.

    One elder invited us to the memorial this year and hubby responded by telling him "Thanks, but we are no longer in your territory." That's the last we have heard from him.

    Family started shunning us while we were still active 'cause we asked them to pay back the money they borrowed from my 90+ yo mother. So the answer to the op is: It depends on who you ask. LOL

  • bafh

    I'm technically still in. My official status is inactive. I haven't attended for about 7 years. According to my friend ( an elder's wife) at the recent Elder's school - they were told to treat all of the inactive as if they were still sheep. So my friend said, "that is how I look at you - you are still a sheep and I want to bring you closer to the fold."

    It is sort of sad to me that this was a big revelation. Like being nice to people is such a new thing to them.


  • NewYork44M
    As far as I know I was never disfellowshipped. So, I guess that if I entered a KH I would be welcomed - however there is the issue of my beard and no necktie. So, I doubt I will be asked to say the opening prayer.
  • millie210

    Still in. Not Dfd. They have no reason as I didnt "do" anything except catch some elders behaving badly and try to blow a whistle on it.

    Ha! No one wants to hear about elders doing things wrong so I left in disgust. They wont be calling or asking "why" - they know.

    I dont go to meetings (since around the first of 2015) but I am willing to if still in family should ask. No one has since Memorial. hooray!

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