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  • GrreatTeacher
    I think you should plot ways to make money. If you get resistance from your parents, promise to donate a certain percentage to the org. This seems to be the direction the organization is going nowadays.
  • Mephis

    Hi Blackwolf, forum's eaten my post it seems. So short version instead - keep going with help for depression and anorexia, don't give up on your dreams, it sucks being awake but trapped inside the JW thing (did it myself) but you've only a relatively short time before society counts you as an adult too. Good luck.

  • freddo

    Have a plan. Tell your parents you want to go to college so you can learn to support yourself financially. Make friends there but be careful. But don't do unwise things like drugs and alcohol and sleeping around - be a useful member of society.

    I bet your eating disorder is largely down to your stress from being torn between two paths. The one that is expected of you and the one that you want to follow.

    Do you have siblings?

  • truthseeker100
    Yes pain my unprofessional opinion is that your eating disorder might have something to do with the Watchtower. It's maybe something you should talk to a medical councilor about? With your parents not present.
  • flipper

    BLACK WOLF- Welcome to the board here ! Nice to hear from you, you are among friends who understand. Do you have any non-JW relatives or close friends with nice, caring parents who understand your situation who might give you emotional support ? It would be good to surround yourself with those authentic, truly caring people as much as possible.

    I realize at age 15 you are still living in your parents home- but it's never too early to plan on your future. As some mentioned start saving your money, get a part time job if you are able in your time off from school and plan on a college education. If you are getting assistance with your anorexia problem that's a good thing, keep getting help there either physically from a doctor or counseling to assist you. And keep listening to music my friend ! Music is a healer , I play music and I listen to it ! It's helped me through some hard times indeed. Just remember we are all here for you as a support, O.K. ? Hang in there, take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    If you're in the United States you can join the Army at 17 years of age, if you're emancipated, and probably 18 without your parents permission. You can get educational benefits from them although I doubt that they will fund art school. Just choose a career that they will help you with. You can also get a lump sum payment from them when you're done and you will have an easier time getting some jobs after you're done.

    That might be a tough way to get out of your predicament but it's worthy of your consideration.

  • truthseeker100
    We all should asked what part of the world are you in?
  • rebel8

    blackwolf, you have to hang in there until you're able to leave home safely when you're an adult. "Distress tolerance" techniques would help with coping with both your home situation and your ED.

    People suck. Dubs suck harder. Journal about what it's like to be an actual good, healthy person--the opposite of dubs. What it's like to have a life worth living. How you're going to go about doing that.

  • HeyThere
    Hi Blackwolf...I am so sorry to hear about what your going through. I sent you a pm.
  • OnTheWayOut

    Black Wolf, what with the lawsuit-happy world we live in, I can't really advise you on what to do as a 15-year old. I can tell you that when I was 16 and 17, I managed to do things my parents didn't know about. It wasn't preparing for art school, but it could have been were that what I wanted to do.

    I know that life is terrible right now and that you think a few years is a long time. But really, you will be an adult soon. Were it me, I would be pretty open about how I don't care to be a JW, no matter how my parents react. I would not give talks in the school nor ring anyone's front doorbell. All they could do would be to drag me to the meetings and to the neighborhood for recruiting. Any punishment seems to be what they would do anyway, like keep me from other kids and the mall and stuff like that. I would probably be well-behaved and silent at meetings and JW stuff so that I wasn't being disrespectful. Then, I could say how they aren't winning me over with their punishments and maybe they would not make things worse. I would keep enjoying music and secretly learn what it would take for me to get into an art school, even if I couldn't really do it for several years (into my 20's).

    Flipper mentions any non-JW relatives. Is it possible that at 18, you could go to them to help you on your way to college? If not, then you can still do it on your own. It'll just take a few more years.

    Don't be obsessed with "now." It seems just a tiny while ago I was an active JW and now I am almost 10 years out.

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